Thursday, September 26, 2019

After 2 months of marriage, the Indian frog couple was forced to divorce because of too much rain

 Indian frog couple
A frog couple was forced to break up after 2 months because the marriage brought too much rain to Madhya Pradesh state in India.

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On July 19, the people of Bhopa, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, held a wedding ceremony for a pair of frogs to allow the rain god Lord Indra to end a prolonged drought in the area.

However, after 2 months of frogs getting married, the land of India had to catch the biggest rains in 13 years, leading to a flood situation.
 Indian frog couple
The frog couple was married on July 19 in Bhopal to pray for rain. Photo: Daindia
One report said that Madhya Pradesh received 26% more rainfall than normal. Heavy rain caused widespread destruction. An estimated 9,000 houses were damaged and 32 were injured. The state's two hydroelectric gates must also be opened to release excessive water after 3 years.

Concerned about the deterioration of the situation, on the evening of September 9, the Bhopal authorities quickly completed the divorce procedure for the frog couple. The ceremony took place at Turant Mahadev temple and the animals were separated during the chanting.

Frog weddings are a regular activity held in India. Many believe that this unique marriage brings rain. Two frogs in Udupi also married in a ritual called "Mandooka Parinaya" to appease the gods.

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