Sunday, September 29, 2019

Italy: Interesting volcano higher than 1m, smoldering for nearly a hundred years

Monte Busca volcano
Many tourists are very surprised to witness the world's smallest "volcano" with a modest height of just over 1m.

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Monte Busca volcano
The world's smallest volcano has been smoldering for more than 80 years.
Called volcano, but in fact, Monte Busca just like a small pile of rock burned flickeringly on a hill. It is also the smallest volcano in the world, with a modest height of just over 1m, but has smoldered for over 80 years.

With a strange appearance, Monte Busca volcano attracts many tourists for decades. Thousands of people do not hesitate to climb the slope near the village of Tredozio (Forli province, Italy) each year, to witness it with their own eyes.
Monte Busca volcano
The fire burns in the middle of the night, bringing many strange experiences.
Although appearance is "dwarfish", but in the heart of Monte Busca volcano is rich in natural gas. It doesn't erupt magma as many volcanoes are, but there is always a fire inside.

Even when it is the condition of rain, snow, and wind, this smoldering fire was not extinguished. Hydrogen gas from the undersurface is burned, when exposed to oxygen, the flame is maintained day and night, year after year.
Monte Busca volcano
The amount of hydrogen in the mountains is very plentiful.
Locals are very proud of this special fire. They use it for food processing, small production to save other burning resources.

In the 1930s of the previous century and World War II, the Italian government had planned to use the Monte Busca volcano to harvest natural gas but experts say that this resource is not worth exploiting.
Monte Busca volcano
This is one of the interesting sights when coming to the country "in the shape of a boot."
Thanks to the abundant natural gas in the heart of the volcano, at night, the fire still shines brightly in the dark, bringing many interesting experiences for visitors to visit.

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