Library like European masterpieces of art

Located in Prague, the library in the Klementinum complex houses thousands of books which is an attractive destination in Europe.

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Opened in 1722, the library is part of the Jesuit university (religious order of the Roman Catholic church) at the Klementinum complex. The library was originally only available for Catholic students to study, consult materials and read books. In 1777, the museum was widely opened for residents and visitors to visit and read books.
library in Klementinum
The ceiling with frescoes is the highlight of the library. Photo: Klemenium.
The highlight of the library is the famous Baroque architecture from the 16th century. The ceiling is decorated with oil paintings by artist Jan Hiebl. In addition to the topic of religion, the paintings also depict the founders of the library.

However, the ceiling is not the most beautiful point of the library in Klementinum. Visitors can visit and admire the spiraling, gilded wooden pillars or the ancient bold wooden rails here. At the center of the library is a globe and precious astronomical clocks, made by artist Jan Hiebl himself.
library in Klementinum
It stores more than 20,000 titles. Photo: Baroque Music.
In addition to its unique architecture, the library houses more than 20,000 titles with important books for the world. It contains a cultural and linguistic collection in Czech, released in 1781 and is considered the irreplaceable spiritual cultural heritage of the country.

The library also contains artifacts of famous historical figures like Mozart musical genius. To protect valuable sources of data, the library has digitized its titles with Google Books.
library in Klementinum
Ornate orbs along the library walkway. Photo: Lonely Planet.
In addition to the library in Klementinum, when visiting Prague, visitors can visit famous tourist attractions such as the National Opera House, Prague Castle or St. Peter's Nicholas Church.

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