Life in the smallest kingdom in the world

Bertoleoni originally planned to flee to the island so he could not be fined due to having two wives, then he decided to stay here.

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Located off the northeastern coast of Sardinia, Italy is Tavolara, an island with a length of 5 km and a width of 1 km. This island except for the two ends, most of them are steep cliffs. The narrow isthmus with a long beach is the only place on the island inhabited.

Bertoleoni declared himself the ruler of the "Kingdom of Tavolara", and declared it "the world's smallest kingdom". Members of this clan are also the only residents on the island, living more than 200 years.
The portrait of the Bertoleoni royal family
The portrait of the Bertoleoni royal family hangs in the Buckingham Palace Museum, London and on the wall of the island restaurant. Below is the caption: The royal family Tavolara, located in Terranova Bay, the smallest kingdom in the world. Photo: Amusing.
Bertoleoni came to the island in 1807 and decided to permanently reside there with his two wives and children. Initially, Bertoleoni chose this place for the purpose of tax evasion, not having to pay a fine because he has many wives.

The title he earned was in 1836, granted by the ruler of the island of Sardinia, Carlo Alberto when visiting Tavolara.

According to AmusingPlanet, Bertoleoni's story of becoming king and ruler of the Tavolara kingdom was simple and quick. At that time, Carlo Alberto went to Tavolara to visit, 24-year-old son of Bertoleoni came out to welcome and introduce himself as the king of this island.

After 3 days of visiting and being warmly welcomed by the Bertoleoni family, Carlo was very pleased and happy to say: "Hey Paolo, you are the king of Tavolara".

A few years later, the Italian government tried to reclaim the island as a public property, Paolo went to Turin to meet Carlo Alberto and recall the old story. There, the young man was given a paper by King Carlo to recognize "Paolo is the king of Tavolara".
Tavolara island
Tourists come to the beach on Tavolara island. Photo: Wiki.
Since then, this land has been ruled by the Bertoleoni family. His 7 generations have lived in this small region. They lead a subsistence life by raising goats and fishing. As tourism developed, the descendants of King Bertoleoni also sold souvenirs to visitors to the island. They also run two restaurants together on the island.

In the 1900s, Queen Victoria made a collection of images of world leaders at the time. She sent the photographer to Tavolara island and photographed the royal family Bertoleoni. Today, a photograph of the Bertoleoni family is still hanging at the Buckingham Palace museum in London and on the wall of the island restaurant.
Tavolara island
The Bertoleoni family lives on the island by raising goats and doing tourism business. Photo: AmusingPlanet.
In 1934, the island was annexed to Italy. In 1962, NATO established a base on the eastern half of the island that limited parts of the place. Today, the Bertoleoni family owns only 50 hectares of the island.

Although no longer a king or ruler, the next generation of the Bertoleoni family continues to live here as the "protector of the island". In addition, they are working hard to find ways to gain recognition from the government and the world that Tavolara is a nation and the smallest kingdom in the world.

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