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Nam Dinh Fish Vermicelli imbued with the taste of the homeland

Nam Dinh Fish Vermicelli imbued with the taste of the homeland

Not picky like Hanoi or Hai Phong fish noodles, Nam Dinh fish noodles have a rustic taste typical of the northern countryside. With the aroma of vegetables to combine with the cool acidity of tomatoes and ferment has created a unique attraction of this dish. To better understand, please read the following article.

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Learn about Nam Dinh fish noodles

Nam Dinh is not only famous for its bun cha (noodles and grilled meat) but also on the list of delicious dishes of Vietnamese cuisine. Only based on the outside, it seems this dish is simple. But If judging objectively the noodle dish of this land is a wonderful work of art under the hands of talented people.
Nam Dinh Fish Vermicelli imbued with the taste of the homeland
Vermicelli in Nam Dinh - delicious dish of Vietnamese people.

Fresh ingredients

To get a piece of fish that is both crunchy, fragrant and flavorful, the processor must choose the fish very carefully. Fish must be natural grass carp that do not eat bran to make fish meat firm and fragrant. When fried on fish meat is firm, crispy without breaking even users can eat the bones. This is the difference of fish noodles in Nam Dinh

To get a delicious bowl of fish noodles before frying the fish will be deodorized by white wine and ginger. Then marinate the spices until soaked in fish meat, then deep fry in pork fat pan. According to many chefs' advice, frying fish with pork fat is more fragrant than using cooking oil.

Special broth flavor

Not only special in the processing stage but the attractive point of the fish noodle dish is the bowl of broth. The broth here has a little more ferment and tomatoes, so the taste is very different from the noodle dish of Hanoi or Hai Phong. To add the flavor and blend the taste of fish vermicelli, the medium water dropwort and well-done Indian taro are indispensable.
Nam Dinh Fish Vermicelli imbued with the taste of the homeland
Food with bold flavors of the North.

Where should eating fish vermicelli be in Nam Dinh?

The most famous fish noodle dish in Hoang Van Thu street. This is a street less than a kilometer but is a great place for converging delicious noodle shops. The most famous of which is the vermicelli noodle restaurant right after Ly Thuong Kiet fruit market. If you have the opportunity to visit Nam Dinh to visit relatives or travel, then enjoy the fish vermicelli here to feel the unique flavor of Nam Dinh countryside.

Also, you can refer to some of the following addresses:

Loan fish noodle: 368 Hoang Van Thu, Ba Trieu Ward, Tp. Nam Dinh. Price: 15000 VND - 55000 VND
Spicy Fish Vermicelli: 291 Giai Phong, Nam Dinh City. Price: VND 20,000
Mrs. Nga Restaurant: 230 Truong Chinh, Nam Dinh City. Price range: VND 20,000 - VND 30,000

Fish Vermicelli - Enjoy food regardless of sunshine or rain

Nam Dinh Fish Vermicelli has a special feature, which can be enjoyed in any season. If eaten in the winter, the steaming bowl of vermicelli will dispel the cold. If enjoyed in the summer, the vegetables and along Indian taro make the bowl of noodles become much cooler.

Nam Dinh people can enjoy fish noodles at any time of the day. They can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Therefore, fish noodle shops often operate from dawn to dusk to serve the needs of the gods.

Anyone who goes away from Nam Dinh will remember the taste of this traditional dish. Vermicelli is considered a typical regional dish. Whoever coming will enjoy it, whoever going away will have a longing for this dish.

Above is information about fish noodle dish - a famous delicacy in Nam Dinh. Hopefully, the information we provide helps readers better understand this specialty dish of this homeland. Especially, Nam Dinh bun cha is also great if you have the opportunity to try this special dish.

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