What to eat, where to go when traveling in Dalat?

Dalat (Lam Dong) is a tourist destination familiar and attracting to many tourists both domestic and abroad. For those who preparing to come here, what to eat, where to eat and how to avoid scams are necessary for the trip to be complete.

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One reason why Dalat is popular is the mild, cool climate year-round. The beautiful natural landscape, beautiful hotel and homestay and the diverse prices also make tourists fall in love with Dalat.

How to move to Dalat?

Northern tourists tend to choose to fly to Da Lat. From Hanoi, it only takes about 2 hours to reach Lien Khuong airport (Lam Dong) and then travel by bus or taxi to Da Lat. Normally, visitors will book about a month in advance because on holidays, the ticket to Dalat is relatively expensive.

Tourists coming from the Central region like Da Nang, Hue ... can choose to travel by coach. Travelers from the South such as Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang often choose to ride a motorbike because the road to Da Lat is quite easy. However, if traveling with family, travelers should choose cars to ensure safety.

Dalat has a station but you will not be able to take a train from other regions to here. The only route this station provided was Dalat to Trai Mat. The train is very slow to serve the needs of enjoying the beauty of visitors.

Where to stay in Dalat?

Coming to this city, you will not be too difficult to find accommodation with a variety of hotels and homestays. Experience to remember is to book early because if asked on the spot, you risk being "beautiful guillotine" (higher price).

For those traveling with families, the hotel near the center or the market will be a reasonable choice. The advantage of renting a room here is that the surrounding space is crowded, convenient for transportation and eating. However, the room rates in this area are relatively high and quite noisy.
Dalat has many homestays and hotels with diverse prices for travelers to choose from. Photo: A Homestay.

Many beautiful homestays are usually located in nearby areas such as Hoang Dieu, Mac Dinh Chi ... If riding a motorbike, it only takes you about 5 minutes to reach the center. Room rates in some homestays are cheaper than hotels, along with beautiful space to "live virtual".

One point you should consider is that the tourist areas in Da Lat do not focus much on the center. Therefore, the choice of accommodation in the center or adjacent areas does not affect the need to go out. Find out the pros and cons of the rented place to have the most complete vacation.

Dalat weather in September

The occasion in late August and early September is not the ideal time to travel to Dalat. The weather at this time is quite erratic, can be sunny but also likely to rain thunderstorms.

According to AccuWeather's next 10-day forecast, the temperature of Da Lat on September 2 holiday ranges from 14-23 degrees C. Rainy days may occur, so travelers should have raincoats or umbrellas ready. In Da Lat, the outdoor temperature after 17h has begun to drop, bring a jacket to avoid cold.

Where to play, live virtual properly when coming to Dalat

Dalat is well known for its landmarks such as the city's flower garden, the valley of love ... However, this city now has a lot of new attractions and entertainment worth visiting.

For those who prefer thrills, zipline skating in Datanla waterfall tourist area is a reasonable choice. With the price of 350,000 VND / person (rush hour) and 270,000 VND / person (rush hour), you will experience the feeling of flying between pine forests.

This game is not too scary even if you are obsessed with heights. Safety belts are carefully equipped so visitors can feel secure when participating in the game. Before you start, you must learn basic skills such as unleashing the lock, swinging the rope properly or rescue methods if stopped in the middle of the road ...
Datanla waterfall tourist area is the coordinates favored by many adventurers. Photo: Ouan144, Daryyaya.

Here, visitors can also experience mountain sleds from 60,000 VND. The 2,400 m slide system at Datanla waterfall resort is considered the longest in Southeast Asia.

If you like the gentle experience, and also have many beautiful photos to bring, visitors need to save the list of virtual living cafes of Dalat. This city is growing more and more cafes to serve the needs of tourists, with quite affordable prices such as Co Bong, Yen Garden, Trieu Do Hong ...

You should avoid crowded hours to have pictures satisfying. On weekends, especially holidays, the number of visitors to famous restaurants is often very crowded. Therefore,  having unwanted people in the picture is unavoidable.

Hong Kong corner is also a "super hot" location that tourists to Dalat to "hunt". This coordinate is located inside Da Lat market, right next to Hoa Binh cinema. You just follow the slope close to the left of the market (from the entrance) and ask more people if not found.

Visitors to Dalat can check-in at many other famous places such as the Infinity Lake, the stairway to heaven, the artichoke flower in the square, Dalat station, lonely pine tree, Ankroet hydroelectric...

A few notes for photography enthusiasts

Dalat Pedagogy College used to be a famous check-in point in this city. However, since April, the school has decided not to welcome tourists to ensure facilities, to avoid affecting the learning of students. You should not try to come here to avoid wasting time.

Nha Bo slope becomes "hot" after the brilliant May film. However, this slope is not a check-in point worth a try for travelers. This place has many motorbikes passing, so taking photos will obstruct traffic, even affect life. People in the area are also uncomfortable with many tourists setting up their cars indiscriminately to take photos.

Da Lat is the perfect place to hunt clouds. However, taking photos with clouds floating around should be done at the right time.

The best time to hunt the cloud is from April to June. If you come to Da Lat on the occasion of the September 2 holiday, your chances of hunting cloud are nearly zero. Many groups now still organize a self-sufficient cloud hunting tour with prices ranging from 350,000 VND / person but do not note the possibility of "fail hunting". You should consider to avoid losing money unfairly.

The cloud-hunting wooden bridge area has been closed since May. However, some people still take advantage of customers' ignorance to cheat. You should especially avoid offers like "can accessible if has a guide" that they often use. In early August, a female tourist had lost more than 1 million VND to hunt clouds for believing the fraud.

What to eat in Dalat?

Coming to Dalat, you will have quite a headache because there are so many dishes to choose from. Therefore, everyone should start trying out the most typical dishes of this city.

Walking around Dalat, you can recognize 2 dishes appearing anywhere as baked rice paper and soy milk. Grilled rice paper in Dalat has a much better taste than other places and often rolls into long pieces instead of chopping like in Hanoi. This dish has an average price of 20,000 VND, sold in Dalat Market and the area around Xuan Huong Lake.

Soy milk and green bean milk are usually sold together for about 10,000 VND. Besides, the yogurt dish (in Dalat called yaogurt) is also very popular. Yaourt is sold at sidewalks or restaurants with prices from 10,000 VND.
Dalat cuisine is quite rich with affordable prices. Photo: Anh Tu.

Avocado is a specialty of Da Lat, so the butter cream dish is also popular here. Nari or Thanh Thao buttercream is the two best places to try in the city, suggested by many tourists.

At Dalat market, you can almost find all kinds of dishes, from barbecue, crab soup, rice paper ... However, people should ask the price first to avoid unwanted situations. Some restaurants can sell higher than the average price from 5,000-10,000 VND.

If you have "tried out" of Dalat's typical dishes, visitors can refer to the new menu as dry chicken hot pot, noodles, ginger beer, artichoke beef hotpot, wet chicken pie ...

How much does it cost to go to Dalat?

Traveling to Dalat is not too expensive if your needs are normal. With a schedule of 4 days 3 nights in Da Lat, you need to prepare about 4-5 million VND / person. This number may increase during the holidays.
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