New York Travel with 10 destinations not to be missed

New York - the most modern and developed city of the United States has always been a dream tourist destination for many people. Traveling to New York is an opportunity to admire the spectacular stages, skyscrapers, huge libraries and a number of other interesting things.

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Empire State Building

1. Empire State Building

This is a skyscraper built from 1930-1931 and is also one of the famous symbols of New York. Most American tourists are amazed by the beauty of this building. It is also known for the "setting" of countless Hollywood films. From the Empire State Building, visitors can see the entire splendid city, especially at festivals, sporting events or national day.
Fifth Avenue

2. Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue - 5th Avenue where blends luxury chain stores with modern architecture. And this is also the main street of Manhattan and a symbol of the wealth of New York City. When traveling to New York, you will be satisfied with the passion for high fashion, although you cannot buy anything to make a "souvenir" when traveling to the US.
Rockefeller Center

3. Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Plaza is a famous complex built by the billionaire family Rockefeller. With a large scale including 19 high-rise buildings, romantic gardens, rows of luxurious restaurants, underground shopping malls, splendid theater and more than 100 artworks on display here, it becomes attractive to travelers to New York. Besides, this center also attracts a lot of visitors because the events are organized according to the season. Therefore, add it to the plan you need to visit when traveling to the US!

4.The Statue of Liberty

No stranger to humanity, the famous statue of liberty is a symbol of New York and the United States. When traveling to New York, you definitely should not miss this destination, not only to admire the unique architecture of the Statue of Liberty but also to hear many interesting stories. In addition, you will be provided details about the structure of this great statue.

5. Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Ellis Island Immigration Museum - The Museum of Migration is the hallmark of the first steps of immigrating from Europe in 1892 to realize the "American dream". The museum opened to American tourists in September 1990 and has become an attractive destination to this day.
Times Square and Theater District

6. Times Square and Theater District

Manhattan is the most bustling neighborhood in the world with a continuous flow of people. Besides it, the world-famous Broadway neighborhood brings together more than 40 majestic stages with high quality performances. In addition, Times Square is also the place where about 2 million people gathered to celebrate the new millennium on December 31, 1999.

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Central Park

7. Central Park

Central Park artificial park with 340 hectares is a destination with interesting experiences for New York tourists. Every year, the green oasis in the heart of the magnificent city of Manhattan attracts countless tourists. Especially, when summer comes here, there is a famous symphony orchestra performing outdoors and many events and festivals are held in the summer.
Metropolitan Museum of Art

8. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Right next to the central park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as The Met, is always crowded with visitors because of its extremely large scale and it is considered the largest art museum in the world. A showcase of more than 2 million art specimens from around the world is sure to bring visitors indescribable emotions when viewed directly.
Guggenheim Museum

9. Guggenheim Museum

Located on Fifth Avenue, the Upper East Side, the Guggenheim Museum is considered a paradise for New York tourists who are passionate about contemporary art. The most outstanding feature of the museum is the special spiral architecture. When visiting the museum, visitors will be "opened sight" and surprise with the three-dimensional works or works of modern artists such as Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian.
American Museum of Natural History

10. American Museum of Natural History

Another museum that has a special attraction for those traveling to New York is the American Museum of Natural History. Famous for fossil dinosaur skeletons, the Rose center specializes in the earth, impressive architectural space ... so it should be added to your collection of American tourist attractions not to be missed!

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