Northern essence - the first scenic reality show in Vietnam

The show is performed on a water surface stage, using 3D effects, with hundreds of actors in traditional costumes, lively music, folk dances ...

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Starting to welcome guests from the end of 2017 in Hanoi, Northern Essence has created the impression of an art program with elements to reach world-class. The main objective of the show is to show the history, culture, heritage of the Northern region - the agricultural land north of Vietnam.

The actors performing on the stage which is a large water surface, in an open space, showing a comprehensive way of life in the northern countryside, through music, folk poetry, water puppetry, Buddhism ...
Northern essence - scenic reality show in Vietnam
Large numbers of tourists come to see Vietnam's first scenic reality show in Quoc Oai, Hanoi. Photo: Huong Chi.
Director Hoang Nhat Nam said: "When doing this show, I felt very proud of Vietnam, my beloved homeland. We have a lot of heritage that can be called quintessence. This program is a good opportunity to introduce Vietnamese culture to international friends ".

For thousands of years, the North was originally a land of abundant rice cultivation in Vietnam. Inspired by that agricultural culture, director Nhat Nam created this contemporary show to maintain and preserve the traditional art forms of the nation. And is there really anyone who tells stories of Northern better than the people themselves here? The director hired farmers, retirees and residents of Quoc Oai area, outside of Hanoi, to perform on stage.

The show has about 200 actors. Of which 120 people are local farmers, and 70 - 80 professional actors from Hanoi Dance College.

"At the beginning of the show, gathering people was difficult. But I think they have passion in their flesh, and they work very hard with us every day," according to the director. 

Nguyen Thi Son, a 70-year-old farmer who is retiree, is one of the popular actors in a reality show of Northern Essence. Ms. Son shared: "This program is a great way to show that there is still art-making people who are interested in both young and old like us. Going to the show is not as heavy as farming but also very happy. Moreover, the work also gives us an income ".
The show converges many artic forms that Vietnamese quintessence.

The show takes place at the foot of Thay mountain (Sai Son commune, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi), about 40 minutes from the center of the capital. The background behind the water surface is the scenery of the mountains, rice fields, villages and temples in the locality.

The highlight of the stage is a water temple emerging from under the water. This scene begins when the narration of the famous Zen master Tu Dao Hanh begins with folk songs. The show has the main content showing the cultural features of the North: Poetry, Buddha's Land, Nostalgic, Music Painting, Happy, Festival.

"For the first time, I realized that farmers can do everything. They are not professional actors but when practicing daily, especially when the audience comes to watch, sound and light rises, they act naturally ", director Nhat Nam shared.

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