Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Overnight with animals, unique experience you should try

In addition to watching animals eat or live normally, you can also spend the night with them in a mysterious, fanciful space.

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Ripley Aquarium (Toronto, Canada)
1. Ripley Aquarium (Toronto, Canada): If you are a shark lover, you can unleash to watch this marine animal all night at Ripley Aquarium. At 20h daily, visitors will discover the life of the marine animals in the aquarium. The experience of sleeping with sharks will begin after a light meal at 11 pm. With the transparent glass door system and the lights illuminating the water, you will feel like sleeping in the blue sea.
Field Museum (Chicago, USA)
2. Field Museum (Chicago, USA): Children aged 6-12 will have the opportunity to participate in a dinosaur discovery program held every 2 months. When the lights go out, the kids will admire the mysterious world of dinosaurs and hear fascinating stories.
Jungle Island (Miami, USA)
3. Jungle Island (Miami, USA): Many tourists think that staying overnight here is one of the scariest experiences they have ever tried. You will be sleeping in a forest surrounded by parrots, crocodiles, apes and foxes. The sound from the forest is like melodious music that lulls you to sleep in the dark night. Besides, visitors will be able to join the animal life adventure trekking tour at night with light from a flashlight.
Newport Aquarium (USA)
4. Newport Aquarium (USA): Before embarking on an overnight adventure in the sea, guests will be treated to a big pizza party. Many parents in the US often sign up for this activity to give their children a better experience of marine life.
Frost Museum of Science (Miami, USA)
5. Frost Museum of Science (Miami, USA): Come here, you can put your sleeping bag under the dome and watch the hammerhead, rays and other tropical marine life. During the program, you will be served dinner with cheese pizza and a light meal late at night.
Natural History Museum (USA)
6. Natural History Museum (USA): Visitors will have the opportunity to watch the world's most famous T-rex dinosaur skeleton when registering to spend the night here. In addition to observing the skeletons, you will be able to watch 3D movies in a mysterious space. Unlike children, adults will enjoy a champagne party in the evening.
Columbia Zoo (Nashville, USA)
7. Columbia Zoo (Nashville, USA): In addition to sleeping with animals, visitors will experience zipline skating and campfire activity at 19:30. You will feel like you are in the forest when you set up tents in place and watch the animals live. For moments of relaxation, fun, you go with your family or friends.

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