Thursday, September 5, 2019

Hunting check-in photo of lotus season at Mua cave

The immense lotus lake blossoming in white and pink is an important highlight creating a beautiful landscape to attract tourists to Mua cave, Tam Coc - Bich Dong ... this season.

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Recently, the image of a large lotus lake near Mua Cave, Ninh Binh attracts the attention of members of tourism groups. Lotus pond in Trang An scenic complex is more prominent with white lotus, pink lotus in full bloom. This romantic scene attracts domestic and foreign tourists to explore on the occasion of autumn. Photo:
Weaving among the famous Trang An scenic complex, the 1-hectare lotus pond is located at the foot of Ngoa Long Mountain. The golden rice fields surrounding the magnificent mountains bring the scenery of poetic and mountains and water landscapes like ancient movie footages. Just choose the right outfit, you can easily have "check-in" photos for life at this coordinate. Photo: Giangkeuu, hang_jes8704, kacenni, ttd238.
Not only has the scenery of the mountains and waters at foot of the mountain with the lotus lake, but Ngoa Long mountain also helps the climbers to fully enjoy the scenery of Tam Coc area with ripe rice fields and winding river. Tickets to visit Mua cave cost 100,000 VND / person. With beautiful and majestic scenery that is hard to describe, it is no coincidence that this place is known as the miniature Great Wall in Vietnam. Photo: Kim.baboda.
Going inside, visitors will come to the bluestone bridge leading to the Tam Quan gate of Bich Dong pagoda, the ancient temple with unique architecture famous in Ninh Binh city. Located on the side of Bich Dong mountain (or Ngu Nhac mountain), around the ancient temple is also a pure lotus lake creating charming and peaceful scenery. Photo: Lehatruc,
Only an hour away from Hanoi by car/bus driver, close friends easily come to Ninh Binh if you can not book tickets to go out on September 2. After worshiping the sacred relics of Buddhism, visitors to Bich Dong Pagoda will experience peaceful moments by the fully blooming lotus lake. In addition to taking souvenir photos, devotees should note the preparation of formal attire, solemn before entering the temple. Photo: Xia, na3bi.
All year round, Ninh Binh always has a large number of foreign visitors exploring the beauty of the tourist city. They often like the experience of climbing, cycling to see the pristine nature, separate from the modern scenery in the central cities. What association of friends still hesitate to take backpack to Ninh Binh to experience the charming beauty of this country? Photo: Travelscribes, vitek.bolecek.

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