Shopping experience in the US on Thanksgiving

Traveling to the United States on Thanksgiving will be a great time not only for sightseeing but also an opportunity for fashion followers to enjoy shopping at a great sale price. Therefore, shares to you a few shopping experiences in the US that not everyone knows to choose the most satisfactory products.

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Shopping experience in the US on Thanksgiving
Traveling to the United States on Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to shop
After the end of Thanksgiving will be the start of a big shopping season that lasts throughout the year-end, this is also a time when Americans are happy to be able to shop freely without spending too much money.

The following shopping experiences in the US during the big discount season will make your trip more interesting.

Cheap sales addresses in the US

A shopping experience in the US for those who love cheap goods, the ideal locations such as Kmart, Costco, Wal-Mart and Target supermarkets, ... are great options. If you want to hunt for products from famous brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren or DKNY ... then go to Macy, South Coast Plaza, Nordstrom or Burlington Coat Factory ...

If you find it difficult to choose a satisfying item just because there are not enough sizes, go to Marshalls, Ross: Dress for Less, TJMaxx, ... and spend some time rummaging and searching, surely you will be very surprised. These are all addresses specializing in selling well-known brand products but have been out of fashion with special bargains, even only 10% - 20% of the market price ...
Shopping experience in the US on Thanksgiving
Marshalls - The ideal shopping destination for cheap brands when traveling to the US.
Also on the occasion after Thanksgiving items such as clothing, shoes or accessories are all discounted. Besides, many kinds of household goods, electronics such as books, DVDs, toys, video games, television, laptops, ... also contributed in the biggest sale season this year.

Another American shopping experience for you is that the tax rates in each state are not the same, for example, if in Las Vegas about 8.5% or in California 9% ... but in states like Oregon, Delaware, the tax rate is 0%. And with American travel experiences, these are the most popular shopping destinations.
Shopping experience in the US on Thanksgiving
Terrific Sale of Thanksgiving in the US.

To avoid being bought "at an unfair price"

Using tricks in business is something that happens very often, whether big or small. So to avoid being "in trouble", before traveling to the US, you should consult the price of products to buy in the domestic market, comments from friends, ... and finally consult the tour guide.
Shopping experience in the US on Thanksgiving
Find out what to buy before traveling to the US or ask a guide to avoid buying at unfair price.

American Shopping - buy it if liked, do not hesitate

This is the shopping experience in the US that you need to know because if you like an item you should buy immediately because it is very likely that it is difficult to find a second one elsewhere.

You also do not worry about wearing unfitted or not matching the color of the product because the exchange and return are easy at the chain of stores, but of course, you still keep the invoices and barcodes still intact. .. this is seen as a form of "American style" shopping.
Shopping experience in the US on Thanksgiving

"American style" shopping - buying as soon as possible if liked

Thanksgiving is coming, the biggest big sale season in the US is about to take place, what hesitate that you are not planning a journey to not only visit the beautiful scenery but also satisfy your passion for shopping with surprising cheap price.

Just a few shopping experiences in the US that shared with the desire to help your trip have more special and memorable experiences.

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