Soccer fields have stands in two halves of the world

The center line of the "Big Zero" Stadium not only demarcates the two teams but also divides the globe into two halves.

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The official name of this stadium is Estádio Milton Corrêa, in honor of the late president of the Amapá State Football League. But everyone in Macapá's city used to call it Zerão, which means "Big Zero" (Point 0) - because it is located at latitude 0 on the Equator.
Estádio Milton Corrêa or Zerão.
Zerão Stadium can accommodate up to 13,680 spectators. Photo: Fabián Berrío.
Built in 1990, this stadium features a center line design that coincides with the equator. Therefore, in each match here, each team not only protects its own goal but also represents the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

Estádio Milton Corrêa or Zerão.
The Equator according to the World Geodetic System 84 deviation line dividing the football field 50 m. Photo: iSports.
If you stand on the centerline and use the GPS device, the result will not return to latitude 0. You must walk south until you are completely out of the yard to see the Equator. The stadium is located 2 seconds north of the Equator on the WGS84 system, in other words it is completely in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Macapá is a remote Brazilian city, with one side on the rainforest and the other on the banks of the Amazon River. In fact, the world's longest river separates the city from the rest of Brazil: there is no highway linking any other state of Samba country to Macapá.

The city lies across the Equator Road, with one of the most famous tourist attractions being the Macro Zero Monument - a 30 meter high concrete giant sundial. A red line runs down the monument to Avenida Equatorial Boulevard, marking the invisible Equator dividing the globe into two halves.

Just a section away from the monument is the Zerão Stadium, where competes of the city's top teams like Amapá Clube, Trem Desportivo or Oratório Recreativo.

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