Friday, September 27, 2019

The bustling fishing village amid a peaceful sea

Ham Thuan Nam village
Different from the bustling, noisy scene of Phan Thiet city, the fishing village of Ham Thuan Nam has a wild and peaceful beauty. Somewhere is the familiar image of an offshore fishing boat, the old lady sitting and mowing fish scales every morning, the children playing with the crabs while waiting for their parents to take them to school.

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Go to the sea

Coming to Binh Thuan, tourists can easily see blue beaches with white sand, bumpy rocks, beautiful soaring poplar range. It is the bustle of fishing villages that beautify a wilderness area.

The Ham Thuan Nam sea is about 30 km from Phan Thiet city. Here, tourism services are not exploited much, Ham Thuan Nam's long-running sea retains the pure beauty that nature offers.
Ham Thuan Nam village
The deserted area of Ham Thuan Nam.
Afternoon sea, calm waves, the green coconut trees also stop wobbling. In the afternoon sea, everything was desolate, the horizon was completely blurred, and there was a sea, alone, without a shadow.

Ham Thuan Nam village
The wild beauty of the sea.

Bustling in the deserted sea

Ben Dinh fishing village is a spontaneous fishing village, mainly selling seafood to tourists. Inside is the famous tourist destination  Thay Thim palace of Binh Thuan. Contrary to the tranquility inside the palace, at the sea is the noise of buying and selling calls of the fishermen early morning.
Ham Thuan Nam village
The bustling scenery of the fishing village of Ben Dinh.
Everyone has their own business. Usually, early in the morning, people gather at the fish market to buy and sell fresh batches of shrimp, fish, and squid. The majority focused on removing nets, pouring fish into cold boxes, weighing fish for traders. Sometimes people gather some dead fish from the finished nets.

Not far from the shore, a few coracles wobble with seafood, many of which are boats of fishermen anchored far away to keep the next "turning" on time.
Ham Thuan Nam village
Early market.

Precarious sea profession

In the fishing village, the early market not only operates trading but also has small breakfast shops with simple tables and chairs. With the "standing" coffee service which is characteristic of this region.

In the crowd of children in uniforms sat in a group of 5, 7 playing with plastic pots containing crabs. They laughed happily. It turned out that the children were waiting for their parents to remove the nets and trading the fish, then transport them to school.
Ham Thuan Nam village

Ham Thuan Nam village

Ham Thuan Nam village
Sea smile.
Marine fisheries depend heavily on weather conditions to set sail. Most of the people living in this area earn their living from fishing, earning an income of "humble". Nowadays, from coastal fishing, many fishermen households have bought big boats for offshore fishing.

The life of the fishermen in Ben Dinh fishing village is still simple, simple from many generations with basket boats, wooden boats, paddles, net pieces. They still live a simple, quiet life in a deserted sea. The place where people are more in harmony with nature and every place visitors to visit brings the breath of fishing village life.
Ham Thuan Nam village

Ham Thuan Nam village

Ham Thuan Nam village
The people of the fishing village with hardships for a living.
Not far from that is the fishing village of Tan Thanh beach, Ham Thuan Nam district is equally bustling. In Ke Ga fishing village, people are always busy going in and out, cargo cars run continuously.

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