The fairy beauty of Ba Be lake

Many people used to call Ba Be Lake "like a mountain girl sleeping in the mountains of the Northwestern", but now "mountain girl" has awakened and beautiful every day, becoming an ideal eco-tourist destination in the middle of the Northwest mountain and forest.

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Ba Goa Island (Widow Island) is like a vaguely sad feature in the "Ba Be blue sea"
Ba Goa Island (Widow Island) is like a vaguely sad feature in the "Ba Be blue sea".
Ba Be Lake belongs to Nam Mau Commune, Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province, which is the largest lake in the North.

Locals call Ba Be as Slam Pé, meaning "three lakes". This name comes from the lake is the gathering place of 3 tributaries: Pe Lam, Pe Lu, and Pe Lèng. Although only 230 km from Hanoi, this is a place with a special mild climate, cold all year round with many unique and sacred landscapes. In 1995, Ba Be Lake was recognized by the World Freshwater Lake Conference in the United States as one of the world's 20 special freshwater lakes that need protection.

Mountain lake

By the end of 2004, Ba Be National Park was recognized as an ASEAN Heritage Park with an area of 7,610 ha, of which 3,226 ha is a strictly protected zone and more than 300 ha of the lake surface. Scientific studies confirm that this is a rich area of biodiversity, with many features of the typical ecosystem of evergreen forest on limestone mountains and mountain lakes. The center of the main park is Ba Be Lake with a length of up to 8 km and a width of 800 m.
An early spring morning on Ba Be Lake.
An early spring morning on Ba Be Lake.
Located at an altitude of 178 m, Ba Be Lake is "a mountain lake of special significance in Vietnam". Ba Be Lake has become one of the most famous landmarks and historic sediments among the Northwestern mountains. Between the primeval mountains, the sky and the earth, Ba Be Lake is like a giant mirror reflecting the earth - terrain - nature - people. The lake is surrounded by limestone mountains with many underground streams and caves.

The whole lake looks like a water-color painting, captivating many tourists from the past to the present. In the spring, flocks of white butterflies gather together, continuously flying in the sparkling lake surface to create a poetic setting captivating people.

Enjoying on Ba Be Lake

Coming to Ba Be, visitors cannot miss the elegant pleasure yachting on the Lake with dinghy boats, which are gracefully paddled by the Tay girl, flexible as if in a dance in the land of unique, none to second "green mountain, blue water".

The boat floated gently through the narrow slanting water streams of the ravine and opened up a vast green area again. Boats floating and then disappear as if hidden in the mist, vague, fanciful. The shadow of dinghy just appear in the fog and hide in the fanciful nature. Scenery like in the legend, flowing bobbly. Widow Island is like a vague sadness feature alone in the middle of the vaporous "Ba Be blue sea" looming gradually. A vestige from the fairy tale that explains the formation of the Ba Be Lake that many childhoods knew.
Hua Ma cave
Hua Ma cave holds a lot of mysterious stories about Ba Be Lake.
The old story tells that in Nam Mau Commune, Bac Can Province, opened the festival to worship Buddha for a blessing. Suddenly a beggar appeared, emaciated, ulcerated, very unpleasant odor. The people also were expelled and gave her nothing. Crawl left the assembly, fortunately, she met a widowed poor farmer mother and her child on the way home from work who took the old lady home, took the rice for her to eat, and arranged accommodation for her to spend the night. That night, the mother and her child both saw the old lady glowing.

A large dragon coiled was lying there. Both the mother and her child were scared, and just laid still waiting until the morning. In the morning, the mother and her child did not see the dragon. That place is still an old and sick woman. She was preparing to leave. "This area is about to have a big flood," she told the mother. I give both you this ashes, remember to sprinkle around the house to avoid accidents. ” The mother found it strange to ask, "So how to save the villagers, huh?". The old lady picked up a grain of rice, bit it broken, and gave it to the mother and child, and said, "These two pieces of rice husk, will help both you do good deeds."

That night, everyone was praying for Buddha's blessing when suddenly a stream of water erupted. The water was getting stronger and stronger. A loud bang, the surrounding ground cracked ... all in the water. Only the farming mother 's house was still unharmed. The higher the water risen, the higher the house would be. Seeing the villagers swept away by the floods, the mother remembered the old lady's advice, and took two husks and dropped them into the water. Suddenly, the two pieces of rice husk turned into two large boats, the mother and her child rushed to save people and animals. And that sunk land later become Ba Be Lake.

When coming to this place, remembering the old story makes us think about deep human love, life love. With love, sharing, and perhaps sympathy, the widowed mother and her child paid off. Remember the old story and meditate on the reminders of the ancients about sharing with the human condition by practical actions, not only with words of lips, for life love, people love forever green like trees and cool water here!

When the afternoon light falls, the lake space appears immense, visitors drop their souls in the clouds floating on the far mountain, feeling the tranquility and stationary. About 6 km from the Lake, Hua Ma Cave is a huge stalactite block, both magical and mysterious. Hua Ma cave is located halfway up the mountain, at an altitude of 350 m above sea level and deep into the mountains. To reach the cave, visitors must climb about 300 m along the stairs from the foot of the mountain.

Hua Ma is not only a large and beautiful cave with attractive stalactites, but it also attracts a lot of visitors because it still holds many mysterious stories about Ba Be Lake. Inside the cave, the air is cool and pleasant. In addition to the Hang gate, with a great view of the eye, visitors will be fascinated by the visible, audible picture of water with the clear, blue water of Ba Be Lake, the mild Nang River which is hugely embraced by a vast mountain, mixing with melodious bird's singing. 
The beauty of  Ao Tien
The beauty of  Ao Tien ("Fairy Pond").
Coming here, visitors can not help but to visit "Fairy Pond" to listen to a fairy tale about fairies from heaven to earth soaking in the clear blue water. In addition, visitors also do not forget to visit Puong, Kim Hy, Nang Tien caves, Na Dang falls, Pac Ngoi village, Thac Gieng stream...

Coming to Ba Be Lake, visitors can not only immerse themselves in the beautiful natural scenery but also learn and immerse themselves in the cultural space of the Tay people community here. Around the lake hidden and appeared in the green of the mountains and forests are stilt houses leaning against the cliff, reflecting on the surface of the blue lake. If visitors come to Ba Be Spring Festival (January) will be involved, learn the unique culture of the residents here through festivals with colorful spirituality such as seasonal, rain worships, canoe racing festival, celebration of longevity for the elderly, and full-month children celebration; Tourists can also participate in folk games like throwing cotton ball game, walking on stilts ...

The Tày people here are very open and friendly, and perhaps from their distant memories remind them that they need to live better and not be estranged from the poor.

Away from the hustling and bustling life of the streets, Ba Be is a reliable address for those who love to explore the natural beauty, explore the mountains and experience the feeling of "adventure in a paradise" on earth.

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