Sunday, September 29, 2019

The first selfie museum in Europe to attract visitors

The first selfie museum in Europe to attract visitors
The museum has attracted nearly 30,000 visitors since its opening in December 2018. It is also the first selfie museum (selfie museum) to appear in Europe.

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The first selfie museum in Europe to attract visitors
News of the selfie museum in Budapest spread quickly. (Source: The Economic Times)
The museum is located on an area of 400 m², including 11 rooms, each room has a different theme with many unique devices and models, ready to serve the needs of "virtual living photography".

Coming to this special museum, visitors can easily take photos with the equipment provided or using their own phone. In particular, unlike other museums, you can freely touch the exhibits on display here.

The museum has special visual effects with pink palm trees growing from all around you, banana-shaped swings, riding a one-horn unicorn like the real thing, relaxing in giant macaroons or frolic in colorful tubs ...

Lilla Gangel and Balazs Koltai are the girlfriends who founded this unique museum. They said they were inspired by a similar location in the US, with the goal of attracting customers who are young people who have an interest in finding unique images to update their status on social networks or as avatar.

Lilla Gangel said: "We give visitors the chance to play with shapes and colors, and thus encourage people to go beyond their daily limits to facilitate their creativity to bloom".

News about the selfie museum in Budapest spread quickly on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Many Europeans and other countries around the world have been very excited to come here to admire and record for themselves "photos" once of a lifetime.

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