The lesser known beautiful scenes in South Phu Quoc

Few know in the south of Phu Quoc, near Truc Lam Ho Quoc Monastery, there is a strip of land adjacent to the poetic sea with clear water like the eyes of a young woman.

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Mui Hang beach.
Mui Hang beach. 
In the past, people still assumed that the South Island was only famous for Bai Sao, recently, Bai Kem, Phu Quoc prison, Truc Lam Ho Quoc monastery ... But these are still "clear" destinations like never having human feet. In these places, heaven must also yield.

Mui Hang

Located near Bai Sao, Mui Hang is like a paradise forgotten by its location separate from the crowded area of visitors and bathing. To get here, you have to travel by motorbike from the beginning of DT46 road to turn road going to Bai Sao, turn left at the first turn and go straight until you see An Yen Resort board then turn.

Mui Hang appears before the eyes is a hill covered with luxuriant wild green trees. If you want to conquer nature, you can trek through the forest to take photos and sightseeing of Mui Hang, about 1km from An Yen Resort or choose taking a boat floating to go fishing, snorkeling and watching corals in the clear waters ...all of which to satisfy your passion exploring the ocean.

Mui Hang bordered by the sea after millions of years of erosion to reveal each layer of sedimentary rocks with distinctive shapes evokes boundless imagination. In the afternoon light, the stone pillar in the shape of a lion sitting watching the red sun in the distance looked strangely peaceful. That alone is enough for you to take your backpack to conquer this forgotten paradise.

Dam Trong Island

Located 15 minutes from An Thoi port by canoe, Dam Trong island is an attractive name that has been chosen by international tourists and travelers when coming to Nam Phu Quoc for several years. On the island, there is a unique homestay built from bamboo, wood ... and has an open design close to nature.

Few people know Dam Trong island is also a trekking spot to discover beautiful natural forests with rich vegetation and conquer the 25m high white lighthouse from which to zoom out to see the ocean at sunset flooding space in red. According to the length of more than 1km of Dam Trong island is rocky fields with many layers, stimulating the curiosity of all visitors when arriving on the island.
Dam Trong Island
All costs for this unique experience are only VND 130,000, including VND 30,000 boat trip and VND 100,000 entrance fee (including renting wardrobe, sleeping hammock and freshwater bath, toilet on the island). You can buy fast food to take to the island for lunch or buy meat, seafood and borrow the grill of homestay on the island. An additional 50,000 VND for diving goggles and snorkel if you want to explore the ocean to see the beautiful coral reefs.

Mui Ong Thuong

Few know in the south of Phu Quoc Island, near Truc Lam Ho Quoc Monastery, there is a strip of land adjacent to the poetic sea with clear water like the eyes of a young woman. Locals call Mui Ong Thuong. 

From the beginning of DT46 road, turn to the road to Ho Quoc pagoda, cross the first corner about 500m, you have reached Mui Ong Thuong. The coast impresses with jagged sandstone cliffs divided into layers of colors from gray to light gray.
Mui Ong Thuong
Mui Ong Thuong.
The clear blue water saw through the bottom of the ocean, making the lover of exploration difficult to resist the attraction to throw themself deep into the ocean. This place does not have many services, so it still retains the original pristine, so you are free to experience the scenery at no cost. You can also prepare food and drink to picnic with friends on this pristine sea.

Hon Buom

Hon Buom is also called Mong Tay island by locals - more than 11km from An Thoi port to the South - which owns one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc with fine white sand, crystal clear water. This is also an ideal place for snorkeling because of the rich ecosystem which ranked in the top in Vietnam with 17 different types of sea anemones.
Hon Buom
Hon Buom.
To go to the island, you need to hire a canoe/ boat to go from An Thoi port, which takes 30 minutes at a cost of about 2.5 million VND for groups of 4-5 people. Canoes/boats are equipped with snorkel gear, diving goggles for you to use.

Along the beach around the island are green coconut rows on fine white sand, weathered cliffs millions of years ago when the waves are a great backdrop for the "virtual living" believers.

Hon Vong (Hon May Rut Trong)

Hon Vong is the most remote island and has a small area, so it is not known by many tourists. The water in Hon Vong is so clear that no one can resist the desire to throw himself into that cool water. Moreover, just looking down you can see how vivid the life in the sea is, so diving, watching corals, admiring swimming fish and shrimps is a pleasure that can not miss when coming to Hon Vong.
Hon Vong (Hon May Rut Trong)
Hon May Rut Trong (Hon Vong).
Similar to other small islands in South Phu Quoc, guests travel to Hon Vong by boat or canoe from An Thoi port or take the Hon Thom cable car to Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park tourist resort and hire a boat from here. A cruise ship can carry 50 or fewer travelers. If traveling by boat, you can not only see Hon Vong but also admire the wild beauty of the surrounding small islands such as Gam Ghi island, Mong Tay island ... These are all paradise on earth.

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