Monday, September 30, 2019

The oldest living creatures on earth, hundreds of years old

The Bowhead whale
If you don't believe that the word "eternal" exists, you may be surprised at the list of long-lived animals below.

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Koi fish
7. Koi fish: According to CNBC, Koi fish is a popular aquarium fish raised in artificial rock lakes. This carp is thought to live the longest in the world. In the past, some of them could live more than 200 years. The oldest Koi, named Hanako, died when 226 years old in 1977. Koi fish originated from Japan, was first bred by the Japanese in the early 18th century and first introduced in 1914.
6. Macaws can live up to 60-80 years. Their breeding age ranges from 30-35 years old. According to a survey, the majority of macaws are threatened. They have become extinct due to habitat degradation and illegal pet trade.
Giant Galapagos tortoise
5. Giant Galapagos tortoise can survive for hundreds of years, the oldest being recorded to be 152 years old. A tortoise named Lonesome George, 10 years old, was discovered by a Hungarian scientist on the island of Isabela of Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) in 1972. Since then, this tortoise has become a symbol of the archipelago.
The Bowhead whale
4. The Bowhead whale can live longer than humans for several generations, nearly 200 years. "About 5% of the whale population lives over 100 years and in some cases can live up to 160-180 years," said Jeffrey Bada, a scientist at the Scripps Oceanographic Institution of California (USA). They are also known as Greenland whales. This animal lives in the Arctic. Adults can reach up to 18 m and weigh more than 100 tons.
Blue shark
3. Blue shark: These sharks can live up to 200 years. Scientists have discovered a 400-year-old case. This has made them the oldest vertebrates in the world. This species lives long because they grow very slowly, about 1 cm per year and reach an old age by the age of 100.
Arctica islandica Clam
2. Arctica islandica Clam: This clam lives in Atlantic waters. Some collected clam cases were over 400 years old. The highest lifespan for this species is 507 years, belonging to the clam called Ming.
Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish
1. Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish: This species is often referred to by many as the immortal jellyfish. They live in Mediterranean waters. In 1996, researchers announced that this jellyfish could reverse the state from an adult individual back to adolescence. When injured, they will return to their original shape like a young jellyfish at birth. Jellyfish body will regenerate cells and body tissue completely new. However, they will still die when eaten by other animals.

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