Monday, September 2, 2019

The rock is recognized by Guinness as the smallest island in the world

At low tide, the rock exposes in the middle of the English sea, with a size of about 3 tennis courts.

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The Guinness Book of World Records once recognized the "smallest island" for the boulder of Bishop, on the westernmost tip of the Scilly Islands, off the coast of England. At low tide, it is 46 meters long and 16 meters wide, about 3 tennis courts.

The record was published based on the concept of an island of England made in 1861. Accordingly, the island is a piece of land or inhabited, or enough grass in the summer for at least one sheep - the area equivalent to more than 8 square meters.

In the Middle Ages, Bishop boulder was known as the Men Epskop. Offenders are brought here with a little bread, enough water for a few days and are left behind for the intense waves. But in 1847, a series of shipwrecks in the sea caused the royal family to order t build a lighthouse over 50 meters high on the island.

In the face of strong winds and waves, the lighthouse filled the Bishop's rock. This is really a nightmare for the architects entrusted with constructing this project. Builders used about 5,700 tons of granite to build the lighthouse, but without any modern means of transport at the time.
Boulder of Bishop
Lighthouse on Bishop Rock Island. In the olden days, the lighthouse was illuminated by an oil lamp and before it was a candle, with light reaching as far as 24 knots. Today this lighthouse has generators, batteries, and helipads built since 1976 - so visitors can land on top of the building instead of sailing. Photo: Trinity House.
A decade later, the Bishop Rock lighthouse was completed, even though it survived a storm with hurricanes. Lighthouse keepers moved here in 1858, meaning that the place was inhabited and became the smallest island in the UK.

However, the automatic lighting system has been in place since 1982. The lighthouse needs no guards and the island also lost a world record from Guinness. The title of the smallest inhabited island in the world belongs to an island of about 306 m2, located in the middle of Alexandria Bay in New York (USA). Still, Guinness maintains that Bishop Rock is the world's smallest island with a building on it.

Let's see images on the smallest island in the world:
Bishop Rock lighthouse
Lighthouse in front of the storm. Photo: Matt Cardy.
Bishop Rock lighthouse
The foundation of the lighthouse. Photo: Worldation.
Bishop Rock lighthouse
Helicopter pad on the top. Photo: Pinterest.
Bishop Rock lighthouse
The lighthouse viewed from above. Photo: Photographers Resource.
Bishop Rock lighthouse
Kitchen space inside the lighthouse. Photo: This Is Sicilly.
Bishop Rock lighthouse
Helicopter service takes guests to Bishop Island. Photo: This Is Sicilly.

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