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The secret behind the famous Singapore sea lion statue

The secret behind the famous Singapore sea lion statue
Singapore has 7 famous Merlion sea lion statues, but where is the original one? That is one of the many interesting things not everyone knows.

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The secret behind the famous Singapore sea lion statue
Merlion - The symbol and pride of the people of Singapore.
Referring to Singapore, the first name "pop up" in the mind will be the nickname famous "nation lion island". This nickname is reminiscent of the Merlion - the proud symbol of "the cleanest country in the world".

The Merlion is an animal with a lion head, fish body, which has long been a symbol in this Asian country, with a fishtail symbolizing the nation's departure from a coastal fishing village.

Recently, information on the sea lion statue on Sentosa Island will be removed to make way for a new project connecting the northern and southern coasts of the island, causing many regrets for domestic and foreign tourists. Specifically, from October 20, 2019, visitors will no longer see the 37m high symbol on Sentosa Island. And information about Merlion is more sought after by netizens than ever.

Let's take a look at the little known interesting things about the famous sea lion statue before the work was demolished.

The legend of the lion head fish body animal

Bringing a legend itself about a lion-headed fish-bodied beast, the Merlion statue was designed by British zoologist Alec Fraser-Brunner in 1964 to become a symbol of the Singapore Tourism Promotion Council, now is the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

The lion head is related to Sang Nila Utama, Prince Srivijaya - who once named the island Singapura, or "lion city" in Sanskrit after he discovered the animal. In fact, however, lions have not been found in this area.

The fish tail symbolizes the beginning of the country from a small fishing village. It is a story taken from historical records, when in the early 14th century, Singapore used to be a thriving harbor.

The original statue is located on the Singapore River

Singapore owns 7 Merlion statues, but the original is at the mouth of the Singapore River, by sculptor Lim Nang Seng. This was announced by Lee Kuan Yew in 1972. It is known that the original statue was designed by Mr. Kwan Sai Kheong, the late Singapore ambassador to the Philippines.
The secret behind the famous Singapore sea lion statue
The original statue is located on the Singapore River. (Source: Singapore TravelHolic)
Because the statue's vision was obstructed when the Esplanade bridge was built in 1997, the Merlion was moved about 120 m away from its original location in 2002.

With a height of 8m, weighs 50 tons, the statue currently stands in Merlion Park overlooking Marina Bay. The work is not alone when the cub lion is about one four sizes of a large lion, with scales made from porcelain plates, located not far away.

There are 7 sea lion statues in Singapore

Singapore owns a total of 7 Merlion sea lion statues, including Sentosa Merlion and two statues at Merlion Park.

Two of the four 3-meter-high statues are located at Mount Faber and the headquarters of the Singapore Tourism Board near Grange Road. Meanwhile, the remaining two sea lions located in the central area of Ang Mo Kio Boulevard.

Sea lion statue in Sentosa was built in 1995

The statue to be demolished is located on Sentosa Island, built in 1995, designed by Australian sculptor James Martin. The statue is worth 8 million USD, and is also the highest sea lion statue in Singapore.
The secret behind the famous Singapore sea lion statue
The statue on Sentosa Island. (Source: Headout)
Before the project is demolished since October 20, 2019, visitors do not forget to visit to take a final photo. The entrance fee will be waived for locals aged 60 and over.

Sleep with a lion statue

The secret behind the famous Singapore sea lion statue
In 2011, Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi designed a hotel with the original statue in a luxurious room. After debuting before the media, a lot of guests have booked rooms to experience this new feeling.

Countless "duplicates" travel abroad

As a symbol in Singapore, the sea lion statue also has countless "replicas" traveling abroad.
The secret behind the famous Singapore sea lion statue
An "overseas" copy. (Source: The Straits Times)
At Hakodate, a statue of the Merlion is a symbol of friendship between the third largest city of Hokkaido and Singapore. The statue has a height of 8.6 m, the same height as the original statue. The project was built in 1989 on Nanaehama beach as a protective "God", watching the ship to Hakodate port.

Another statue is in the Nambo Botanical Garden of Chiba Prefecture, or some "replicas" located in other parts of the world.

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