Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The top of best summer photos of US travel magazine

The most beautiful photos last summer were published by National Geographic magazine. Author Hannah Reyes Morales with a picture of Ha Long Bay is also honored in this list.

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Halong Bay (Vietnam)
Halong Bay (Vietnam): This photo of Ha Long Bay was taken by female photographer Hannah Reyes Morales. "The summer in Southeast Asia is associated with the sea. Ha Long reminds me of my childhood days with sea salt in my hair. Vietnam is really different, everything in this country is strange. The blue of the sky and the green of the water are strangely familiar. That's what I like most about traveling, you find your old memory where you first arrived, "the photographer said.
Okavango Plain (Botswana)
Okavango Plain (Botswana): Summer in the Northern Hemisphere signals that winter is approaching the other half. In contrast to the scrawny scenery in many places when it comes to winter, the Okavango plain becomes much more beautiful thanks to the cool green of the grassland. The scene of elephants leisurely eating grass, playing with water was captured by photographer Beverly Joubert from a high angle.
Honolulu (Hawaii, USA)
Honolulu (Hawaii, USA): This city is called where you can find the most quintessential of Hawaii by Lonely Planet. The double rainbow photo is the work of photographer Maddie McGarvey. "The scenery reminds me of my childhood days when I went to Hawaii with my family. This land is like a magic land with beautiful natural landscapes," McGarvey said.
Canyonlands National Park (USA)
Canyonlands National Park (USA): From the perspective of Tim Laman, the world is divided into two halves in Canyonlands Park. Mesa Arch Stone Bridge is a favorite photo hunting spot for photographers. They often come here to take pictures of the sun rising, shining the sunlight through the stone bridge.
Island Bay (New Zealand)
Island Bay (New Zealand): The perfect dark and light levels are the highlight of the work of photographer Andy Mann. "Summer is like the ocean. You can see the sun shines brightly above, the clear blue water is surrounded by a scene full of life energy," Andy Mann shared about the picture.
Maine (USA)
Maine (USA): The night sky covered with sparkling stars is a strong inspiration for photographers. Babak Tafreshi had to take astronomy courses to better understand the subject he wanted to photograph. The photographer revealed the most interesting thing during the recording was "the sounds that break the stillness of the starry night sky".
Chandpur (Bangladesh)
Chandpur (Bangladesh): A bustling boat scene on the Meghna River, one of the three main tributaries of the Ganges River taken by female photographer Sara Hylton. She spent time living with fishermen on the east coast of Canada. Therefore, Sara Hylton has a special communion with life along the Meghna river. "The light envelops the workers. Their busy working scenes remind me of my childhood days," she shared.
Xinjiang (China)
Xinjiang (China): Photographer Matthieu Paley quickly caught an interesting moment in the last hours on a train traveling around China. Young Timo (5 years old) in the photo showed great interest in drawing his mother's sleeping face.
Bohinj Lake (Slovenia)
Bohinj Lake (Slovenia): The last rays of light at Bohinj, a lake in Triglav park, was captured by photographer Cirl Jazbec. The sparkling water surface, the vast nature, all highlighted the little man in the picture.
Greenland (Denmark)
Greenland (Denmark): This picture of perfect light was taken at night. This is the famous white night phenomenon that often occurs in the arctic rings. "The sun shines all day long. People go out more, making it difficult to walk," Kiliii Yuyan shared about the photo.

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