The usual things in Dubai but strange to visitors

In Dubai, tourists can buy gold from vending machines and encounter police super-cars when on duty.

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Dubai (UAE) is the most luxurious city in the world with skyscrapers, shopping centers and luxury hotels. Of the tens of millions of people who visit Dubai every year, many are surprised to find the following:

Police used supercars

Not only are there many supercars on the street, but Dubai is also famous for luxury police cars. Instead of the Ford line commonly found in Britain, Dubai police use Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley when on duty.
The usual things in Dubai but strange to visitors
Many luxury cars are driven by female police officers. Photo: LA Car Connection.

Bus station with air conditioning

Surrounded by deserts, summers in Dubai are hot and humid, with the lowest temperature on summer nights being 30 degrees Celsius. This is also the reason why people rarely travel on the streets during the day and bus stops also have air conditioning.

Indoor ski area

Ski Dubai is a 22,500 m2 indoor ski area of Mall of The Emirates shopping center. In 2005, the ski resort was launched with 5 different levels of slope and difficulty. In particular, the largest race-track is 400 m long and 60 m fall level. Coming to Ski Dubai, visitors can meet and interact with penguins, and learn information and how to protect them in the wild.

Being intimate in public is illegal

The law of Dubai stipulates, kissing and having intimate gestures in public is illegal. Emotional disclosure and sexual harassment of women may result in imprisonment or deportation. In 2005, British couple Charlotte Adams and Ayman Najafi spent a month in jail when a Dubai woman accused them of kissing in public. The UAE is an Islamic country, so visitors should respect local traditions and customs when traveling.

Gold vending machine system

Not just soft drinks or snacks, you can use vending machines to buy gold in Dubai. Using ATM Gold To Go, you can buy 2.5 gram coins, 24 krat gold until 8 goldthread gold bars.
Gold to go is a gold vending machine from TG Gold-Super-Markt Group
Gold to go is a gold vending machine from TG Gold-Super-Markt Group. Photo: Gulf News.

Residents are mostly foreigners

The majority of residents in Dubai are Indians, Bangladeshi, Pakistani. Locals tend to be discreet and away from tourists, so during the trip, you can meet them at the airport or during festivals. If you want to learn about Dubai's culture, you can go to Sheikh Mohammed center to learn how to cook, have traditional dinner and visit the heritage.

Pearl diving was once the main source of income

Prior to tourism development, Dubai's main source of revenue was oil. Before that, however, fishing, farming and pearl diving were the main jobs of the emirate. At the beginning of the 20th century, in Dubai Creek, there were more than 300 boats with more than 7,000 pearl diving sailors. Men stay at sea from mid-May to early September and dive up to 14 hours a day, when women do housework and take care of their families.

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