There is a Sapa golden rice valley beautiful to be moved

On autumn days, a beautiful golden rice valley of Sapa appears. The yellow color on each plot of land mingled with the green of the mountains is beautiful scenery like a picture of ripe rice.

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Sapa golden season

Sapa is said to rarely grow rice, but it is not. October - Sapa ripe rice season, we still see terraced rice fields blooming with golden flowers waiting for people to come to harvest. Sapa rice spreads in lovely villages nestled at the foot of the hill, vast and bright yellow in the fields. Just come to Sapa gateway, fragrant rice has been spread everywhere. We know, we fell in love with this land.
Sapa golden rice valley
The terraced fields of Sapa are so beautiful
What is beautiful about Sapa in September and October, when Sapa transforms into the "golden rice season", is the best time of the year here. With brilliant, majestic terraces fields as the stairs leading to the sky, it is always a place to attract tourists when coming to Sapa. In the evening, walking with friends wearing a light warm coat. During the day, seeing the Muong Hoa valley, watching the golden terraced fields, layer by layer and Trekking to Ta Phin and Ta Van villages that is nothing more wonderful?
Sapa golden rice valley
The terraced fields in Sapa are dressed in brilliant yellow.

Sapa landscape in ripe rice season

Taking a deep breath so that the fragrance of ripe rice filled the chest, the image through the glass windows of the train climbed as if the slow-motion footage had a full view of the thriving rice blossoms when the yellow color covered the hills of Northwest. The ripe yellow rice spreads freely throughout the mountains and hills but inlaid with golden waves sparkling to the sky of Sapa every autumn. Then you must burst out how wonderful the Sapa ripe rice season is!
Sapa golden rice valley
The moment the rice starts to turn yellow is also beautiful to that perfect.
This September, in the journey to the Northwest, visitors have an additional interesting destination to drop their soul into the vast sky and earth, immersed in the picturesque scenery of Muong Hoa valley in the days of maturity rice.

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Places to see terrace fields in Sapa

Cat Cat village

When traveling to Sapa, you can come to San Sa Ho commune, Cat Cat village, which is quite close to Sapa town. The journey is only about 2 km long, just below the Hoang Lien Son mountain range and quite high compared to sea level. This place is full of the features of cool Sapa climate, but the natural scenery is especially fresh, airy and peaceful, suitable for your vacation.
Sapa golden rice valley
When the rice season is ripe, the whole valley becomes a yellow carpet at the foot of the mountain.
From this location, you can also enjoy the terraced fields as you like. Looking down from above, the whole village has a beautiful golden color of ripe rice and autumn sun. On that gentle and beautiful picture, there are house roofs of the Mong people undulating. Surrounded by lush green forests embracing the golden sea. It is this poetic landscape that will make any visitor going to see Sapa terraced fields ecstatic.

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Ta Van village

Ta Van is located between the valley of Hoang Lien Son Mount and Ham Rong Mountain so many young people come here to admire and take pictures. Because the terrain here is quite low, it is also more comfortable than other locations. However, visitors are still bewildered.

The golden rice season here will definitely make you feel like you are lost in a water painting. The special sight of yellow rice hugging the small village, the green mountains surrounding the golden rice makes the scenery here peaceful and rustic. This is also one of the reasons why this small village is known by many visitors as the most beautiful places to see golden rice.
Sapa golden rice valley
In the ripe rice season, the yellow reflects on the stream, making the romantic beauty here.
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Ta Phin village

The village is located about 12km northeast of Sapa town, where it is also a tourist attraction in the ripe rice season. The terraced fields of Sapa here curl up to the foot of the mountain. Every time the breeze blew through the golden valley, it softly curled like waves. Sporadic in the field, you can see the image of small, hardworking Mong ethnic people harvesting rice under Golden Autumn light.
Sapa golden rice valley
Marvel at the beauty of the golden rice fields in Ta Phin.

Muong Hoa valley

Coming here, you will see the mountain roads hidden behind and a golden color appears before your eyes. The terraced fields of Sapa overlap with each other to the horizon that makes any tourist overwhelmed. In addition to the above-mentioned locations, Muong Hoa valley is considered to be the site of the largest terraced field in Sapa. From here visitors can watch the golden sky in Sapa when autumn comes.
Sapa golden rice valley
Check-in in the beautiful Muong Hoa valley.
Not only watching the beautiful terraces, but you can also discover the name of Muong Hoa through the colorful flowers and mysterious ancient rock in this place. Certainly this is a destination not to be missed in the tour of Sapa.

Are you planning a tour of Sapa Golden Rice Valley this season? Certainly, the golden season on Sapa will satisfy your desire for a romantic picture when autumn comes.

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