These destinations should be in the city of Nice

Guests can visit the castle hill Colline du Chateau, the old town, and Massena square.

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Owning a beach stretching thousands of white pebbles and a mild climate, Nice is the favorite tourist city for many visitors. During the discovery journey, you should visit the following destinations:

Castle Hill (Colline du Chateau)

Castle Hill (Colline du Chateau)
The waterfall is a highlight of the hill. Photo: Riverbar Crawl Tour.
Known as the Colline du Chateau, Castle Hill was inhabited by ancient Greeks from two millennia ago. From this hill, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Nice such as the old town and the harbor. Currently, the entire castle hill has become a large park.

Old Town

After exploring the castle hill, you can go north to drop soul into the old town of Nice. The old town of Vieux attracts visitors by its Italian-style architecture, small streets and houses designed in Mediterranean architecture. Here you can visit the agricultural product markets.

Massena Square

The statue of Apollo is sculpted by artist Jaume Plensa.
The statue of Apollo is sculpted by artist Jaume Plensa. Photo: Video Blocks.
After visiting the old town, visitors can visit Massena square not far away. This is one of the largest squares of the Cote d'Azur region. This place usually hosts major festivals of the year such as the Christmas market and French National Day July 14. The highlight of the square is the solar fountain "La Fontaine du Soleil". In the middle is a statue of Apollo with a cloak in hand.

Coastline (Promenade de Anglais)

The beaches in Nice are full of pebbles.
The beaches in Nice are full of pebbles. Photo: Lonely Planet.
Near the old town, Promenade de Anglais is a 7 km long coastal walking path. Along with the rows of green trees along the coast and ancient architecture, this is the most beautiful route in Nice. Going along the road, visitors will come to some old museums.

From Nice, visitors can easily reach other famous tourist destinations such as Cannes (France), the city of Monte Carlo (Monaco).

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