Three crab cake soup shops are crowded in Saigon

You can find the famous address for crab cake soup with a price of 300,000 VND in District 6 or a crowded sidewalk vendor in District 11.

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Here are three addresses selling crab cake soup that are popular with customers in Saigon.

Ut Le Shop, District 11

The shop is located on To Hien Thanh street which has existed for nearly 10 years. You will not be hard to come here when nearly 100 sets of tables and chairs are lined up in front of 3 houses strikingly. This address is usually full at about 18h every day.
Ut Le Shop, District 11
The kitchen is located right in front of a small house, showing all kinds of utensils and ingredients for cooking. Photo: Di Vy.
If you do not like to sit outside, you can go inside the house. To serve a large number of guests, the staff here use microphones to order, conveying the requirements of the customers. The shop is open from 17h to 21h but from before opening, there were customers coming.

Meals at the restaurant are considered by many to be plentiful. The broth is viscous but slightly cooled. Soft, tough fibers. What is different from many places is that the shop serves rice sweet dumpling for diners in need.
Ut Le Shop, District 11
Each bowl of regular cake soup costs 45,000 VND. Special bowl with extra bone, sausages or pig hoofs is more expensive than VND 10,000. Photo: Di Vy.

Aunt Loan's shop, district 6

The shop is located at the head of a small alley on Pham Van Chi Street, which used to cause storms when selling meals with prices up to 250,000 - 300,000 VND. This address has been open to visitors since 1988.

The shop of Mrs. Loan and her husband have no name, no signboard, located in the corner of the alley. The shop also does not offer price, customers often call according to preferences (mostly side dishes more or less).

Scoring the strongest is broth. The dish stands out with its natural color of crab, has a faint aroma, and when you taste it, you will feel the fat. However, perhaps to serve a large number of diners that the cake into the pot of broth has not been absorbed.

Shop in front of the 132-year apartment building, District 1

The modest restaurant is in front of Ton That Dam apartment complex. Opened 5 years ago, this address has many patrons thanks to the rich smell of seafood, accompanied by plenty of side food.
Shop in front of the 132-year apartment building, District 1
Full bowl costs 60,000 VND. Photo: Di Vy.
The full meal includes crab meat, a shrimp, pork ribs and a few pieces of fish cake. The broth is not thick as usual and cools quickly. Soup cake fiber is opaque white, soft and not chewy. The price for each meal is up to 60,000 VND but the shop still welcomes many guests every morning.

This address serves breakfast only, until about 8.30 am.

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