Three suggestions for weekend check-in

Here are some places along with the tourist activities that visitors can experience this weekend if present in Hanoi, Ninh Thuan, Da Lat.

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Hanoi: Watching a scenic reality show

The show entitled "Northern Essence" was held at the foot of Thay mountain (Sai Son commune, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi), about 40 minutes from the center of the capital.
The scenic reality show "Northern essence" on CNN.

The show of scenic reality combines traditional folk elements but still meets the entertainment and performance in a modern style. The cast is local people. The show introduces and promotes the culture of the North, in artistic language, to bring visitors a memorable experience about Vietnam.

On the night of this weekend, September 7, when buying an adult ticket, guests will receive a child ticket of the same class, applicable to children under 1.2 m or under 6 years old. Each ticket costs from VND 480,000 (Silver class). This program also applies to the nights on 10, 12 and 14/9.

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Ninh Thuan: The heavy fruitful vineyard

Ba Moi and Thai An are two of the famous vineyards in Ninh Thuan, welcoming many tourists to experience.
Fruitful vineyard in Ninh Thuan
Fruitful vineyard in Ninh Thuan. Photo: @cuongkhii.
Ba Moi Garden is located in Hiep Hoa Hamlet, Phuoc Thuan Commune, Ninh Phuoc District, about 7 km from the city center. Visitors to the garden do not have to pay to visit, can buy products like canned grapes, grape syrup to support the farmer. The garden is located on the way to the Po Klong Garai Cham tower so you can plan to explore this point.

Thai An garden is located in Thai An village, Ninh Hai district. It is popular with tourists because it is possible to pick its own grapes.

Da Lat: "Crazy house"

The "mad house", also known as the Hang Nga Villa, is located amidst the old French architectural works. Recently, CNN described this place as "crazy, weird, wonderful".
Hang Nga Villa
Hang Nga Villa is located on Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ward 4. Photo: CNN.
The house is like a magic forest. The main house is built on high, surrounded by 4 tree houses. Tourists move back and forth between spaces on the "tree branches" of cement.

Coming here, you not only visit, take pictures but also have the opportunity to stay overnight. The 10 guest rooms are named after an animal or tree. There are bedrooms like caves, with lots of wooden seats.

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