Monday, September 2, 2019

Venice will ban cruise ships, super yachts from entering the city

The city of Venice plans to relocate large cruise ships from the center following the incident of the MSC Opera superyacht smashing on the quay.

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This is considered a victory for the people when they are tired of seeing the huge ships traveling every day.

According to Danilo Toritelli, Italy's Minister of Transport and Construction, a number of boats will be transferred to anchor at Fusina and Lombardia terminals from September. This means that boats will not be moved or anchored in the central islands of the city.

CNN quoted Mr. Torirelli as saying the Venice government will relocate one third of the yachts already docked in Venice to new berths by 2020.
Venice tourist.
Cruise ships will not dock in the city center in Venice, Italy. Photo: CNN.
This relocation was planned 15 years ago. A public comment meeting will be held to discuss this issue and consider the introduction of new terminals.

Earlier, the people of Venice repeatedly opposed the flooding of the giant yachts throughout the canals and nooks of the city. Tourism brings a large budget, but many Venice residents are angry at the stifling, crowded of thousands of visitors every day.

They have long voiced concern about tourism overcrowding as well as the negative effects of yachts on the historic beauty of the city.

According to Italy's National Tourism Administration, about 32,000 visitors visit Venice every day. In August alone, more than 465,000 visitors visited the city, with more than 2 million overnight stays.

Safety issues are being focused, especially after the MSC Opera yacht crashed into a stop in Venice, causing visitors to flee in chaos.
Venice tourist.
The people of Venice oppose the presence of a large yacht. Photo: AAP.
According to experts, large ships are affecting the environment and nature in Venice. The waves they create contribute to damaging the foundations of centuries-old buildings.

In September, a new law will take effect, stipulating that each visitor will have to pay a $ 11 fee to visit the city center.

Overnight guests will be exempted by the city tax included in the hotel rents. However, short-term tours continue to put pressure on the city's overburdened infrastructure.

Many locals decided to leave Venice when Airbnb's low-cost services made their living expenses and living conditions more expensive.

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