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Visit the Han River swing bridge to discover the symbol of vitality in Da Thanh

Han River swing bridge
Referring to Da Nang is referring to unique and new bridges. In particular, the Han River bridge - the first rotating bridge of Vietnam. This is the symbol of new vitality, the pride of the people of Danang.

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Introduction of the Han River swing bridge

Han River Bridge is one of the features not to be missed of the beautiful coastal city of Danang. This is a bridge across the Han River, located in the northeast of the city. It is about a 15-minute drive from Son Tra Peninsula. The bridge connecting the city's two main roads is Le Duan and Pham Van Dong.
Han River swing bridge
The bridge connects the east and west banks of Danang City.
This bridge was started construction on September 2, 1998. After that, the bridge was officially inaugurated on March 29, 2002. This is the first rotating bridge designed and constructed by Vietnamese engineers and workers. So far, this is also the only rotating bridge in our country. The bridge has a length of 487.7 meters, a width of 12.9 meters, including 11 spans, each span is 33 meters long, pre-stressed reinforced concrete structure and 2 cable-stayed spans with a total length of 122.7 meters, the steel girder and main bridge pillar structure, reinforced concrete deck.
Han River swing bridge
This is the first rotating bridge constructed and built by Vietnamese engineers and workers.

What time does the Han River bridge spin?

Because the Han River Bridge can rotate 90 degrees at its main axis, people call it the 'spinning bridge'. The middle of the bridge will split in two and rotate around the axis along the river's flow, to open a new door for large ships to pass. Since the inauguration, the rotating hours of the Han River Bridge have been changed a number of times. Previously, the bridge would be at 1 am - 4 am daily to cater for waterway transport services. After that, the Han River Bridge was turned at 0 am - 1h two days of weekends. This is to improve the service for tourists.
Han River swing bridge
The Han River Bridge can rotate 90 degrees around its axis.
However, in recent times, to be able to serve tourists better, the city of Da Nang has adjusted the hours of Han River Bridge. Specifically, from Monday to Friday, the bridge will rotate according to the previous schedule. That is, opening the bridge at 1 o'clock and closing the bridge at 2 o'clock. Vehicles will be banned 15 minutes before the bridge is turned on to make preparations. However, if a large boat passes by, the bridge will be closed at 4pm that day. Particularly on Saturday and Sunday, the bridge will spin earlier from 23h - 24h of the same day. This has created favorable conditions for visitors to arrange a time to see this famous rotating bridge in Danang.
Han River swing bridge
Since the inauguration, the Han River swing bridge has changed many times the close and open time.

The symbolic bridge of Danang city

Since its inauguration, the Han River swing-bridge has brought enormous significance. This bridge was formed by the contribution of all Danang people. It is a bridge connecting the distance between the two banks, contributing to promoting the economy. In addition, this bridge has become a symbol of the coastal city of Da Nang. This is a favorite destination for many domestic and foreign tourists.
Han River swing bridge
The bridge has become a symbol of Da Nang city.

The shimmering beauty of the Han River swing bridge at night

When night falls, the bridge is shimmering with a modern lighting system. When walking along the Han River, you will admire the magical beauty of this bridge. It is nothing better than enjoying the cool breeze on the banks of the river, sipping a cup of coffee and then with friends watching the "unique" spinning bridge in Da Nang city. This promises to be an extremely unique experience that you should not miss.
Han River swing bridge
Image of the Han River swing bridge at night.
Han River swing bridge
Many visitors come here to admire this unique "spinning bridge".
There are also many tourist boats along the Han River. These ships will take you to see the city at night as well as admire the unique bridges spanning the Han River. You can also choose to stay at nearby hotels to facilitate admiring the beauty of the quay. Typical hotels are Danang Premier Han River, Brilliant Hotel, Green Plaza, ... These are hotels with beautiful views to see the whole bridge and Da Nang city at night.
Han River swing bridge
There are many tourist boats along the Han River to serve you.
Above is some information about the Han River swing bridge. We hope you have useful information for your trip later. If you have the opportunity, do not forget to visit and fully admire the beauty of this unique bridge!

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