Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Visit Phu Quoc, do not miss this place considered a 'new paradise'

Phu Quoc is an attractive destination not only in the summer, but all four seasons of the year, but few know here also owns a place like "paradise", converging all kinds of entertainment.

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There are experiences for backpackers, activities for enthusiasts to explore, including a "luxurious" service for high-class tourists - southern Phu Quoc is emerging as a "new paradise" on the pearl island.

Sanctuary of the backpackers

If you want to fully explore the beauty of Phu Quoc, don't just "go around" in the bustling Duong Dong town, visit familiar beaches or re-eat seafood in Ham Ninh fishing village ... go further south of the island. The most pristine nooks, unspoiled islands, intact mountains, and unknown lands ... will be for anyone who wants to explore a different Phu Quoc.
Dam Island is isolated from the bustling Phu Quoc.

Dam Island is isolated from the bustling Phu Quoc.
Dam Island is isolated from the bustling Phu Quoc.
Let's start the journey on a boat from the old port of An Thoi to Hon Dam island. Sitting on the boat, you can watch the clear, emerald-blue water, feel like you just need to face the water then you can see a vivid picture of the ocean with diverse marine life and thick coral reefs.

From a distance, looking back, Hon Dam island is lonely in the bustling Phu Quoc, there is no people living, no Internet, no service, only a homestay made of bamboo, wood and thatched roofs that built for those who want to try being a Robinson on a deserted island. That was Robinson, certainly not to be missed trekking to explore the wild and rich vegetation amidst the beautiful natural forests here.

When you want to capture the breathtaking views of the ocean and the rocky beaches of layers overlapped, don't forget to visit the lighthouse on the island. Experience watching the golden sunset from above will make you not want to return to the city.
Southern Phu Quoc
Experiences close to nature will keep anyone visiting southern Phu Quoc.
In the south of Phu Quoc, there are many pristine islands such as Dam island. If you want to camp and catch seafood with the "aboriginal" style, Mong Tay island is a good choice. If you want to trekking, Mui Hang near Sao beach will be suitable with the lush green forest and pristine beach just only white sand and rocky beach that has been honed for thousands of years. A pristine and majestic Phu Quoc, will meet all the needs of playing and exploring of tourists.

Meeting point of the elite

Not only possessing abundant natural resources, southern Phu Quoc is also the "mecca" of luxury resorts. JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay is a prime example.

Resort "Wizard" Bill Bensley has built this resort in the form of an ancient university right at Kem Beach, with countless details decorated with suitcases, chests, trunks, bookshelves, antique books, and study appliances tinted color of time. Every nook and cranny in the resort exudes the style of the upper class - luxurious and elegant. The resort has been ranked 6th in the 'Top 100 best resorts in the world 2019', according to the ranking of World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2019.
J.W Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay
Luxurious space inside JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay.
Near J.W Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay is a 5-star condotel Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, for families or young groups seeking luxurious, cozy space and close to nature. From the balcony of the villa, visitors can admire the full beauty of the windswept Kem beach - the place on the top 50 most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Further out at Ong Doi cape, relaxation experience, watching the sunrise and sunset at the Premier Village Phu Quoc resort is a perfect choice. Imagine, you are soaking in an infinity pool of up to 8,000 m2, or sipping a cup of tea on the balcony of a floating villa on the sea. From there, you can watch the sun slowly setting into the ocean, and from there, the first rays of the sun wake you up in the early morning.
Premier Village Phu Quoc resort

Premier Village Phu Quoc resort
Southern Phu Quoc does not lack luxurious destinations.
For those who love to explore, Southern Phu Quoc also owns many high-end entertainment areas, from the longest cable car in the world in Hon Thom, to Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park - a complex of diverse sea entertainment,...

Scuba-diving to see the vibrant corals and oceans,  leisurely kayaking to take a deep breath of the scent of the sea, try thrilling water bikes, paddleboarding or canoe of drawing parachute to challenge yourself ... all are available at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park and will make you happy to that forget your way home. 
Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park

Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park
Visit Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, there is no shortage of exploration games that will make you forget the way home.
Converging many utilities, southern Phu Quoc is gradually becoming a "must-go" destination for young people who do not like to travel in trails but seek new and lesser-known experiences.

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