Aboriginal people recommend 10 cool places that few people know in Tokyo

The tourist attractions everyone knows make you boring? Going to Tokyo at night but did not know where to go? Don't just hang around the hotel and back. Take advantage of that time to explore Tokyo to the end, with 10 interesting places that few tourists know, as "native" suggested below.

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Todoroki valley park

Todoroki Park is the only valley within Tokyo. It takes only two minutes to walk from the nearest station (Todoroki station) and you feel lost in another world. Todoroki Valley is made up of the Yazawa-gawa River, with a height difference of about 10m and surrounded by dense forest, helping Todoroki separate from the noise of Tokyo.
Aboriginal people recommend 10 cool places that few people know in Tokyo
This magical combination has created an ideal habitat for wildlife such as brown-eared Bulbul, Japanese bush warbler, and Ayu fish. In the valley, there is also a quiet waterfall with a calm stream. It is hard to believe that in the heart of Tokyo exists such a place bearing the atmosphere of such wild mountains. There is a 1km path along Todoroki valley, suitable for visitors to stroll, listen to birds singing, water running and leaves rustling in the wind.

Address: 1 Chome 22, Todoroki, Setagaya, Tokyo

How to get there: By tramcar, take the Tokyu Oimachi Line, get off at Todoroki Station and walk-in only 2 minutes

Yanaka Ginza Old Town

If you are tired of the day walking in noisy tourist spots, at night, try to enjoy a leisurely stroll at Yanaka Ginza. This old town is like a bass note in the vibrant life of Tokyo. The pace of life here is surprisingly slow. You will see old men leisurely cycling on the streets without the silhouette of a car or motorbike. A few cats roam on the wooden houses preserved from the 20th century; temples with traditional architecture appear in silence.
Aboriginal people recommend 10 cool places that few people know in Tokyo
There are no fast-food restaurants but only pure Japanese restaurants. You can also find handcrafted items with exquisite designs here. Also, when walking around Yanaka Ginza, you will see seven cat statues placed in different places. They were created in 2008 with the purpose of bringing happiness and luck to passersby.

Address: 3-13-1, Yanaka, Taito, Tokyo

Getting there: Take the tram, take the Yamanote Line, get off at JR Nippori Station and walk for about 5 minutes

Mega Web automotive theme park

If you are traveling with families with young children then go to Mega Web automotive theme park. This is the largest automobile showroom in Tokyo owned by Toyota. Here, you can not only admire the largest models of cars but also experience the test drive of your favorite cars. But to test drive, you need an international driver's license or in Japan.
Aboriginal people recommend 10 cool places that few people know in Tokyo
Especially Mega Web has a zone called Ride Studio, designed specifically for children - adolescents aged 3 to 18 years to try out miniature car models.

Address: 1-3-12, Aomi, Koto, Tokyo

Getting there: By tram, take the Yurikamome line, get off at Aomi station, walk for about 5 minutes

Nakano Broadway

If you're a fan of manga and anime, aside from Akihabara, you can check out Nakano Broadway. This is a complex of 4 floors for commercial area, from the 5th floor upwards is the housing. The commercial area is an interesting combination of food and clothing stores with shops spreading anime, manga, toys, cosplay ...
Aboriginal people recommend 10 cool places that few people know in Tokyo
From the 1st floor to the 4th floor, each floor brings different atmosphere and strange nicknames such as "9 dragons citadel of Japan", "Devil's Cave" ..., with many interesting games like a treasure hunt, gacha gacha ... This is definitely a place that will make you forget about returning home.

Address: 5-52-15, Nakano, Nakano, Tokyo

How to get there: Get off at Nakano Station, exit from the North Gate, walk for 2 minutes

Bars in Rengazaka

Travel not only to visit the beautiful scenery, enjoy the delicious food but also to once experience the life of the local people. A good suggestion for you is to go to the bar. So where is the place gathers many cool bars in Tokyo? Nakano Rengazaka - a tiled sloping street, gathering about 30 restaurants, bars on both sides. There is a bar where you can sample dozens of Japanese wines - a little of each. Or you will have a beer while watching over 100 species of reptiles and amphibians living in glass boxes in the bar called "Da Dao Than".
Aboriginal people recommend 10 cool places that few people know in Tokyo
At night, the path of Rengazaka is beautifully decorated, with sparkling lights, suitable for your nightlife trip.

Address: 3-36 Nakano, Nakano, Tokyo

Getting there: From Nakano Station, walk to the South Gate, only takes 1 minute

Ameya Yokocho Cheap Market

In expensive places like Tokyo, you absolutely can find the market selling cheap goods, typically as Ameya Yokocho (also known as Ameyoko). Ameya Yokocho is a road about 400m long, with over 500 stalls on either side. You can buy every item here, from street food, seafood, dry food to clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, electronics ...
Aboriginal people recommend 10 cool places that few people know in Tokyo
A special thing in Ameyoko is that you can bargain goods. The owners are very enthusiastic with sophisticated sales style, skillful and cheerful, pleasant attitude. So if you're lucky, you can buy items at bargain prices and get some gifts. The most crowded and bustling market at night. So you should visit Ameyoko at this time to "buy" some gifts for relatives.

Address: 6-10-7, Ueno, Taito, Tokyo

Access: From JR Ueno Station, get out of Shinobazu Gate, walk for 2 minutes

La Vita - "Venice" of Tokyo

If you've ever dreamed of once going to Venice, La Vita in Tokyo can fulfill your desires. This is a complex of restaurants, cafes, bookstores, flower shops, salons, etc., designed with typical architecture of Italy. Inside La Vita, there is a gently flowing canal, with a curved roof bridge and a traditional curved bow boat, like "miniature" Venice. The peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery are suitable for a walk, sipping a small cup of tea, leisurely relaxing after a day trip.
Aboriginal people recommend 10 cool places that few people know in Tokyo
Address: 2-8-3, Jiyugaoka, Meguro, Tokyo

How to get there: Take the tram on the Yamanote line to Shibuya and then transfer the Tokyu Toyoko line to Jiyugaoka

Kagurazaka slope

Kagurazaka is a sloping street that gathers many food and fashion outlets, running from the intersection of Okubo with Waseda streets to the intersection of Sotobori street. This is a place voted as one of 100 places still preserving historical traces and has the most beautiful scenery in Japan. The reason is that during the Edo period, Kagurazaka was famous as a red-light district with lots of geisha restaurants and accommodations. Currently, this sloping road still has alleys that store some traces of the red light district very nicely.
Aboriginal people recommend 10 cool places that few people know in Tokyo
Walking on this road, you can come across many French cafes and shops due to the two French schools nearby. On the 4th Saturday and Sunday of July, Kagurazaka will become bustling and crowded with tourists and locals to attend the Kagurazaka Awa Odori festival. If you come to Tokyo at this time, do not miss this interesting event!

Address: Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Access: Take the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, get off at Kagurazaka Station.

Harmonica alley

Harmonica is a "maze" of alleys gathering many bars and small shops, hidden away from the noisy streets outside of Tokyo, suitable for walking in the evening. At night, the red lanterns hanging in front of the house sway in the wind, creating a romantic and magical scene.
Aboriginal people recommend 10 cool places that few people know in Tokyo
In Harmonica, there are interwoven stores with ancient and modern designs, not only selling food and drinks but also souvenirs and ... fortune telling! If you are familiar with Japanese, give it a try here. Surely that will be the most unique experience ever.

Address: 1-1 Honmacho, Kichijoji, Musashino, Tokyo

How to get there: Get on the Chuo-Sobu Line, get off at Kichijoji Station

Log Road Daikanyama

Daikanyama Log Road is an outdoor shopping area, along the 220m long road. Located just one stop away from Shibuya, this shopping mall is a cluster of restaurants and bars designed in a chalet style, next to the lush greenery. So even though it's outdoors, you don't have to worry about being hot when strolling on Log Road Daikanyama.
Aboriginal people recommend 10 cool places that few people know in Tokyo
The shops here are diverse: including Kirin's craft beer shop, Fred Segal (USA) clothing and accessory retailer, Kamakura-inspired Garden House Craft, etc. All activities take place on the lovely stone-paved road, with outdoor wooden benches and rows of green trees. It's great to be here at night, sitting on a bench and enjoying a craft beer in the cool air.

Address: 13-1 Daikanyama, Shibuya, Tokyo

How to get there: Take the Tokyu Toyoko Line, get off at Daikanyama station

Above are 10 interesting places that few tourists know in Tokyo, which the "native" people recommend once to explore. Thus, whether on tour or self-sufficient, your trip is still brought back a new breeze, literally "traveling".

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