Wednesday, October 23, 2019

10 most luxurious airlines in the world

The criteria of food, modern furniture, entertainment facilities on the flight ... contribute to helping these airlines reach the world's top luxury.

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1. Singapore Airlines

For many years, Singapore Airlines has been voted the best airline in the world. On Singapore Airlines flights, only one section is for Economy seats, the rest is first class cabin. Business-class passengers of this airline are served a lot of amenities such as bars, spas, food ... Business-class fares for Singapore Airlines range from 5,500 to 23,000 USD.

2. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways (Abu Dhabi's national airline, United Arab Emirates) is rated as one of the most luxurious airlines in the world by economy class and first class seats for greater comfort compared to other airlines at the same price.

First class fares range from 600 to 1,500 USD. Ethiad also offers a private lounge for first-class guests with free food, a spa ...

3. Emirates (United Arab Emirates)

Emirates' first class cabin is like a miniature luxury hotel room. Here, all passengers feel like experiencing royal life.

In addition to the bed, passengers' private space includes a small personal bar, a large TV screen, natural light, dressing table and storage space.

4. All Nippon Airways

The Japanese airline does not have private cabin, but the interior arrangement makes it one of the top contenders for the most luxurious airline group.

Spacious first class chairs, with walking room. Passengers also receive pajamas and sweaters for a comfortable sleep.

5. Qatar Airways

The lack of privacy may keep Qatar Airways' business class in a position not equal to some of the other companies on the list, but the perfect food and service are its advantages. Passengers have a variety of entertainment and food options on board ...

6. Air France (France)

The number of Air France's first-class seats are fewer, only 9 per flight, but offer maximum comfort for long-haul flights. The guest's 180-degree reclining chair is fully equipped and has a large TV screen with Bose headphones. Guests also get pajamas, slippers and many delicious dishes.

7. JetBlue Airways

The US airline offers some of the most comfortable seating for domestic flights, but the only downside is that the first class cabin is only available for flights between four cities of New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

8. Virgin Atlantic (UK)

The interior of Virgin Atlantic's first-class cabin is tastefully designed and provides comfortable seating for overnight guests.

9. Thai Airways

Passengers in Thai Airways' first class cabin are entitled to complimentary access to spa and bar services. The seat can recline into a smooth bed.

10. British Airways (UK)

First class British Airways cabin is only available on flights departing from New York to London. The interior of the first class cabin is modern and beautiful with blue light. Food for guests is not too sumptuous but very delicious and many options.

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