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10 places not to be missed in the capital of Catalonia

With its coastline running along the Mediterranean Sea, the bustling nightlife and melting tapas at the tip of the tongue, Barcelona possesses all the advantages of a long-standing culture. The city is named as the capital of Catalonia and the birthplace of many great names like Antoni Gaudí or Pablo Picasso; That is also the reason that tourists will see their creativity in every corner of the city. Walking from the Barri Gòtic neighborhood to the prestigious (and still under construction) Sagrada Familia church, don't forget to sip some of the spicy Sangria.

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Here are some suggestions for sightseeing and entertainment activities not to be missed when traveling to Barcelona, with the cost of from popular to high-end.

1. Visiting Unique Sagrada Familia Architecture 

If you love Barcelona, you've probably heard of the name Sagrada Familia, the symbol of the imperfect beauty of the city. Although it was only completed about three-fourths, the masterpiece of the great architect Antoni Gaudí is forever a bright spot in the sky. This basilica is famous for its rows of windows made up of colorful glass panels, unique pointed shapes and different carved symbols (pay attention to the cute turtles!).
Each year, the number of tourists flock to Sagrada Familia is huge; so it usually takes a long time to get inside this place. In addition, you can also visit the Passion Facade tower, which overlooks the most crowded areas of the city.

2. Experience the Multidimensional World Of Antoni Gaudí

Traveling to Barcelona, visitors from far away will have a better understanding of Catalonia's inspiration in Gaudí's "modern" designism. One of the typical buildings, to mention is Park Güell Park, including a series of sophisticated stone mosaic buildings, creating a unique arc. Don't forget to take some poses next to the El Drac Salamander statues in the classic gargoyle style! At the UNESCO World Heritage site, you can also look to Doric temple (Sala Hipóstila) and drop your soul into the unique winding Serpentine gemstones.

3. Get In The Eye Of Amazing Views From Mount Montserrat

The majestic mountains above Barcelona give you the most authentic and comprehensive view of the dreamy Mediterranean. Guests will relax on a modern bus, watching the enchanting natural beauty when passing through rocks with different shapes. Like a subculture hidden in the mountains, the one-year-old church of Basílica de Montserrat is home to the patron saint of Catalonia, La Moreneta (also known as the Black Virgin).

4. “Have fun” During The Night At Clubs And Bars In El Born

"Enthusiastic" is the phrase that best describes the nightlife in Barcelona; and El Born is the most convincing evidence. Located in Old Town, El Born is where visitors find a range of high-end bars. Come here and enjoy some cool Estrella beer, before the end of the long day with a "super heat" night at some coastal club in Port Olimpíc. If you don't like the noise, go straight to the cocktail bar in El Raval!

5. Go to Gothic Street, Watch The Great Architecture

The charm of Gothic Street (aka Barri Gòtic) is located in small alleys but converging many independent cafes, lovely shops or super cool bars. Barcelona's most vibrant neighborhood is also known for its standard gothic architecture. Your tour guide will tell you about ruined Roman statues, medieval buildings in the plaza of Plaça del Rei and gothic church Catedral de Barcelona.

6. Breathe In The Ocean At Urban Beach

 It takes about half an hour to go all the way to the main coastline of the city, from Barcelona beach to Diagonal Mar shopping center. You can stop at the vibrant Sant Sebastià beach, a place quite popular with the locals or cool off in the Port Olímpic. Platja de Llevant Beach is opposite Diagonal Mar commercial center - a convenient location to shop after sunbathing.

7. Live with Enthusiastic at FC Barcelona's Camp Nou Stadium

Do you love soccer? So why not join the Camp Nou Stadium experience tour and visit the legendary FC Barcelona museum? Standing at this prestigious place is definitely an unforgettable experience, even for veteran football fans. In the media area, visitors are also provided with useful information to La Giga and Champions League champions.

8. Wandering On The Walking Street La Rambla

La Rambla, a walking street lined with shady trees, is one of Barcelona's most vibrant attractions. It is full of life breath, attracting both international visitors and locals. Tourists come to La Rambla often to enjoy the random performance of street artists, such as the lively dance of "live" statues, or to shop for souvenirs at the stalls in La Boqueria market.

La Rambla is also an ideal place to shop. You can find Zara - the famous Spanish fashion brand - and the synthetic fashion brand El Corte Inglés at the end of Plaça Catalunya square.

9. Indulge In Art At The Picasso Museum

If you think that Gaudí is the only globally famous name in Barcelona, it's a big mistake! At the Picasso Museum, visitors can admire the series of typical works of the great painter Pablo Picasso. The museum currently displays 4,251 masterpieces by the artist. This is also a collection of works of a painter most complete ever.

10. Watching Barcelona From The Helicopter

Although a bus is a convenient and economical option, seeing the city from the sky is not a bad idea. What better way to end your trip to Barcelona by remembering the best view of famous places ?!

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