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10 'stimulating' places to visit in North New Zealand Island

If you are interested in exploring, you should start planning a trip to New Zealand, right from the time the hobbit Frodo departed from Bag End. Located on the North Island, the country is named after the mythical fish of a Māori god.

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The North Island seems to have everything from Rotorua artesian waters, the sparkling Waitomo cave, to the famous Hobbiton studio. You will have unforgettable experiences in any location, from exploring the coastal roads of Auckland to enjoying the bustle of Taupo parachuting paradise.

1. Stroll from the center to Auckland Bay

10 'stimulating' places to visit in North New Zealand Island

10 'stimulating' places to visit in North New Zealand Island
Most likely you will start the trip from Auckland, New Zealand's most populous city. Not only is it a great starting point, but "the city of sails" is also a vibrant urban area surrounded by many bays, beaches, and wineries. Climb to the 60-storey Sky Tower for a view of Viaduct Harbor; And if you're brave enough, try the bungee jump experience to the sea to practice your "steel spirit"!

To see the city from the water, you can take a Auckland day tour on the Fullers Harbor Explorer Cruise.

2. Hunt For The Bilbo Trace In Hobbiton

10 'stimulating' places to visit in North New Zealand Island
Whether you are a Tolkien fan or not, you'll definitely find something interesting in Hobbiton (even more enchanting than Gandalf fireworks). This village cum permanent studio is nestled in the small agricultural area of Matamata and surrounded by lush nature. On a tour of  Hobbiton, you will be able to travel with experienced guides or crazy fans of “The Lord of the Rings” or “The Hobbit”. Explore the Hobbit's house and enjoy a Southfartrial beer at Green Dragon Inn, just like Bilbo and his group of friends!

3. Watch the Fireflies at Waitomo Cave

10 'stimulating' places to visit in North New Zealand Island
The Waitomo Caves are considered New Zealand's most remarkable natural phenomenon, located an hour's drive from the town of Hamilton. In the pitch-black cave is an underground river, gathering thousands of sparkling fireflies, creating a strip of green stars hidden behind the cliffs. If you are not afraid of climbing, you can join the adventurous path to explore the cave with a protective float!

4. Bungee Jumping & Parachuting In Taupo

10 'stimulating' places to visit in North New Zealand Island
Bungee jumping is a great invention of New Zealand, so it would be a pity if you did not experience this exciting activity in its home town. Taupo is home to New Zealand's highest buggee jumping area, 47 meters above the Waikato river level. If you like "flying", you can join skydiving because Taupo is also known as the skydiving capital of New Zealand.

Fly freely like a bird in the sky of New Zealand, with expert assistance; Or "relieving stress" with a spectacular Bungee jump, really "stimulating", right? What are you waiting for but haven't participated in skydiving or bungee jumping now ?!

5. Mud Bath At Hells Gate

10 'stimulating' places to visit in North New Zealand Island
Although it does not look very nice, mud baths, natural remedies, will definitely make your skin more smooth. The mud bathing experience at Hell Gates geothermal park is more interesting than you think. After a mud bath, soak in a natural waterfall, hot spring or geyser! Located in the center of town, Pōhutu (also known as Big Splash) is another great place to relax and sauna. The 30-meter-high water shaft and rising steam are great shooting spots that you cannot miss.

6. Visiting Bay Of Island Cluster

10 'stimulating' places to visit in North New Zealand Island
Possessing over 140 subtropical islands, the archipelago located near the northernmost tip of New Zealand is home to a variety of wildlife. One of the most amazing attractions in this area is the natural sea tunnel leading to Piercy Island (Motu Kōkako).

If you want to learn about New Zealand history, you should visit the Waitangi Treaty Building. This is a place where the Māori and the Europeans signed a treaty to formalize New Zealand becoming part of the British Empire.

7. Enjoying Wine On Waiheke Island

10 'stimulating' places to visit in North New Zealand Island
Only 40 minutes by ferry from Auckland, you will be welcomed by the vast vineyards, olives and pristine beaches. Guests will feel the classic nomadic atmosphere in food, art and wine here. There are over 30 wineries in this 92km² paradise!

8. Discovering Unique Culture In Wellington

10 'stimulating' places to visit in North New Zealand Island
As the capital of New Zealand, Wellington possesses many historical and cultural sites. It has all the elements of a full day of discovering, from the colorful Cuban Road to the Te Papaùi National Museum, which showcases diverse indigenous culture. The old cable car with a steep slope is one of the places that attract the most tourists. From here, you can zoom in to see the whole city with rolling hills.

9. Surfing & Climbing In The Bay Of Plenty

10 'stimulating' places to visit in North New Zealand Island
This is the ideal place when you want to spend your vacation in a place that locals love. Bay of Plenty is famous for its beautiful beaches, suitable for surfing and volcanic mountains. For a panoramic view of the clear blue sea and the winding archipelago, conquer Maunganui (Mauao) Mount. In less than 1 hour, you will feel the fresh air along with the beautiful landscape.

10. Visiting Tongariro National Park

10 'stimulating' places to visit in North New Zealand Island
A beautiful path will take visitors to New Zealand's oldest national park and admire the impressive volcanic landscape. 19.4km long journeys can take all day long and snow often falls quite thickly in the spring! So unless you're too adept at climbing, you should always go with a guide.

Fans of the movie "Lord of the Rings" will definitely not miss the opportunity to explore other scenes of the film, filmed on the way to Ngauruhoe Mount, the "original" of DoomMount on widescreen.

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