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24-hour schedule to explore Macau for family

Families can shop in the Macau Creations, experience adventures on the Macau Tower or head to Choec beach to play building sandcastles with children.

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Here is a suggested itinerary for travelers and families with only 24 hours to learn and explore Macau.



A-Ma Temple: Start the journey of discovery with everyone in the family, you come to A-Ma temple built in 1488, open from 7am to 6pm daily. This is one of the oldest Taoist temples in Macau. Visiting the temple, you will see many people sending their wishes by writing on a red sheet and hanging on a prayer tree. Although coming early in the morning, visitors can also see the scenery of the incense smoke spearing out densely.

Zheng Guanying (Mandarin's House): Next, you come to the Mandarin's House of the famous philosopher Zheng Guanying, who deeply influenced the policies and policies of the two famous leaders Ton Trung Son. and Mao Zedong. The house has more than 60 rooms built in the style of traditional Cantonese combined with some western features. Visiting and listening to historical stories will be a very rewarding experience for both adults and children. Visit the house at no charge, from 10am to 5:30 pm daily except Wednesdays and holidays.

Museum: This work is made on the foundation of an old fortress, with a place to see the surrounding area from the top of the mountain. Visitors can see the Pearl River Delta, see artifacts from the Portuguese colonial period and many contemporary works of Macau people. Admission is SGD 2.5 per person (about 40,000 VND), children under 5 years are free. The museum is open free on the 15th of every month. Opening hours from 10am to 6pm every day except Monday.
The remains of the ancient church of St. Paul. Photo: Macau Government Tourism Office.
Some other attractions that you and your family should also take time to visit such as the ancient church of St. Paul and Largo Sengo - which is recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.


Ou Mun: Macau is the right place for you to enjoy European coffee culture. Ou Mun is a famous coffee address, serving cakes and strong coffee and many traditional Portuguese dishes. The shop is open from 10am to 9pm daily.

Obrigado Hello Kitty: This is a coffee shop cum a souvenir shop selling Hello Kitty cat-shaped items. Although you do not like shopping, you should also visit this place to enjoy coffee with everyone in the family, maybe the children are fascinated with the beautiful items of souvenirs. The shop is open from 12am to 8pm daily.



Coloane Village and Cheoc Beach: When you're full of stomach, relax by taking a leisurely stroll around Coloane Village. This is a peaceful residential area with many alleys and houses built in Mediterranean style. There is a very beautiful church, located near the central courtyard of the village. Coloane is only 1.5 km from Cheoc beach. Visitors can take the whole family to have fun or build a sandcastle with the kids.


Wong Chi Kei and Yee Shun Dairy Company: When traveling with family, children are often very hungry after exploring places, so stop at Senado Square, find Wong Chi Kei to enjoy noodles and porridge, This restaurant is always crowded and attracts many visitors thanks to its delicious food, especially crab porridge. Wong Chi Kei is open from 8:30 'to 11:00 every day. Only a few houses away from the restaurant is Yee Shun Milk Company, visitors can enjoy delicious milk pudding - a very attractive dessert whether hot or cold.

Lord Stow: Coming to Macau, you definitely cannot miss the famous Portuguese egg cakes. Lord Stow on Coloane Island will serve you with catching-eyes, fragrant and freshly baked buns. The shop is open from 7 am to 10 pm daily.

Recreational activities
Challenging adventure with Bungy game from on the Macau tower. Photo: Macau Government Tourism Office.
Bungy jump from Macau tower and Skywalk X: After lunch and rest time, visitors and family members can go to Macau tower to enjoy the view, or experience Skywalk X (the walkway on the edge of the building for adventurous people. However, the most challenging is bungy jumping at an altitude of 233 m. Guests must book tickets to experience Skywalk for SGD 145 (about 2.3 million) and bungy jumping for 670 SGD (about 10.7 million). Two activities that allow visitors to enter from 11 am daily, with groups of 3 or more will have preferential prices.


Macau Creations: Most resort hotels have their own malls with products from many international brands. However, according to the experience of the indigenous people, you should go to Macau Creations, very close to the Macau Tower and the church of St. Paul. This is a complex area selling a lot of products and goods. Some of the strange souvenir items that you rarely see elsewhere such as miniatures with pictures of Macau buildings, T-shirts, photo mugs ... Every family member is free to explore and choose the ones they like here. Macau Creations is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm except for Sunday.



Albergue 1601: This is a restaurant where you and your family can enjoy dinner together, avoiding the hustle and bustle of the outside streets. It serves dishes from traditional Macau, to African chicken or favorite Portuguese food such as stuffed squid, fried cod fish with wine. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 12am - 11pm.
African chicken at Albergue 1601. Photo: Macau Government Tourism Office.

Dance program with water: This is the last stop of your day and your family. House of Dancing Water is a place for you to enjoy the love story on the water with the performance of 80 acrobats around a huge water tank. The performance was composed by Franco Dragone, choreographed with magic lighting and beautiful costumes. Tickets to the program are SGD 100 (about 1.6 million).

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