Saturday, October 19, 2019

24h to explore the pristine Bung Thi forest in Binh Thuan

Driving on the white sandy road, crossing the dry grass, crouching among the foliages of thorny bushes is a memorable experience when exploring Bung Thi forest.

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Located about 30 km from Phan Thiet city, deep in Ta Cu Nature Reserves, Bung Thi is the area adjacent to 3 communes of Thuan Quy, Tan Thuan and Tan Thanh of Ham Thuan Nam district, with the typical tropical natural landscape and plant system.

From TP. Ho Chi Minh City, drive to Ham Minh town, stop at Ham Minh market to buy food for the forest trip, you will see the road leading to Bung Thi located at the junction of the market. Going along the small road, about 7 km long winding, rustling dry leaves, flanked by cool wild foliage, wild thorns growing on the white sand slope like a wild picture with lots of breathtaking features.
Bung Thi is formed on ancient alluvial soil, the climate is relatively harsh with an average annual rainfall of only about 100 ml. That is why only grass and ramie are capable of growing well. According to many people, the name of Bung Thi comes from the fact that the lowland (swampy area of strabismus) has previously had many growth wild Diospyros decandra trees.
One stop of the journey is the Bung Thi hot spring, next to the ranger station, which is known for its unique way of boiling "cooked egg yolks but losing egg whites" chicken eggs. The head of the stream with 2 hot and cold water sources is marked by iron pipes. At the top of the hot water, drop the eggs into the "boiled", when the eggs are cooked, the whites are still transparent, not dense, but the yolks are condensed, with special plasticity. Also from here, water overflowed and flowed in a small stream to the lowest part of Bung Thi. Then the water trickled through the trees, the dry leaves to a point creating a bigger stream.
After setting up a camp in this area, spend the afternoon exploring the wild scenery, rich flora of Bung Thi.
Through the large canopy will come to the area with many poplars, Cymbidiums, especially pitcher plants that are strange to the townspeople.
Every step of discovery in Bung Thi is a memorable moment when the nature here retains the most wild and natural features.
Sunset and dawn where green forest brings harmonious natural beauty. Before that scene, people and nature are closer than ever.
After watching the sunrise, clearing the camp, continue moving along the white sand road, through the trees and out to the green dragon garden in Tan Thuan commune. Talk to the people here, learn more about life in the sunny, white sand.
About 160 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Bung Thi forest is a weekend destination suitable for those who love to explore. Need to prepare tents, hammocks, dry food, water for the trip. Absolutely do not use fire and litter in this area. Explore nature, mingle with nature and also return to nature the inherent wildness.

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