3 check-in points attract tourists in Quang Tri

Bluewater, smooth sandy beaches, always windy space are what visitors can not ignore at Cua Tung, Cua Viet and Mui Treo of Quang Tri.

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Quang Tri is endowed with rare natural landscapes and more than 75 km of coastline. In particular, many beaches have entered the top of the most beautiful beaches in Indochina.

Cua Tung Beach

Stretching nearly a kilometer of coastline, Cua Tung is one of the most beautiful beaches in Quang Tri with clear water, fine sand, always windy. Cua Tung is formed from beautiful terrain conditions, 2 reefs deep in the sea of  Mui Si and Mui Lay, creating a discreet cove with no swirling currents.

Embracing Cua Tung Beach is the red basalt soil hills with long stretches of rock deep into the sea. If you stand on the tip of the red soil hill and protruding to the sea, you will admire a beautiful view spreading out before you.

During the French colonial period, recognizing that the climate was cool and peaceful, the French used Cua Tung as a resort, entertainment area and affectionately called "the queen of the beaches". A. Laborde - a French who was knowledgeable Indochina in Quang Tri deeply - once described: “Cua Tung has a special nuance by a green plateau at a height of 20 m, slanting on a gently sloping beach, an ideal place for relaxation and swimming.
Cua Tung was dubbed the "beach queen of Indochina". Photo: Tasting the TV.
Going from the shore to the offshore, visitors can go on forever so half a kilometer that the water is only at breast height. Cua Tung during the day is like a vivid picture that changes color every hour under the sun. When night falls, it is also when the wind and the sea music mix together. The whispering waves and the constant whistle of casuarina ranges create unique sounds of the beautiful, pristine and attractive sea area.

Cua Viet Beach

Not to be dubbed the "queen" like Cua Tung, Cua Viet beach still has its own beauty. 15 km from Dong Ha city, coming to Cua Viet, visitors will be able to admire the beauty of grace with fine white, clean sand and peaceful lying next on green willow forests.

Like many beaches in Quang Tri, Cua Viet retains the pristine and natural beauty of the sunny windy central with blue sea, white sand, yellow sunshine. This place is also one of the three highlights that form the triangle of the sea and Quang Tri island tourism, including Cua Tung - Cua Viet - Con Co.
Cua Viet is a destination fascinating to ten thousand people. Photo: Hanoitourist.

Mui Treo

About 40 km from Dong Ha city, is the last part of the coastal tourist route from Cua Viet Beach to Vinh Thai beach, Mui Treo is a new destination attracting many tourists, especially young people.

On one side is a 4-km coastline, leaning against the 57-hectare Ru Bau primeval forest, Mui Treo has a rocky tip protruding at an altitude of about 30 meters above the sea, becoming the favorite check-in coordinates of many adventurers. Standing on the top of Mui Treo, you will admire the majestic high mountains with immense ocean stretching endlessly.

Mui Treo has a rocky ground of about 2,000 m2. However, to access this beautiful and pristine rocky beach for fishing and swimming, you have to climb down a trail next to the steep strait. It is the mysterious beauty, pristine and majestic nature of this place that has created a great attraction for the land.
Mui Treo has a bold Western beauty. Photo: Tasting the TV.
Despite many potentials and advantages in tourism, Quang Tri is still lacking in real estate projects for relaxation, entertainment and playing to retain tourists. That is the reason recently, local authorities regularly hold investment promotion conferences to attract investment in the field of tourism and resorts.

One of the typical projects that can be mentioned is the AE Urban Resort Sea Cua Tung Resort, invested by AE Group Joint Stock Company. AE Cua Tung Resort is implemented on a total area of over 36 hectares and is one of the first large-scale resort projects in Quang Tri.

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