3 hottest sweets shops in Siam area of Bangkok Thailand

White Flower Factory, Mango Tango and Petite Audrey are 3 sweets shops in Siam Bangkok, Thailand, you should visit in the culinary discovery journey.

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White Flower Factory

The White Flower Factory is located on the 4th floor of Siam Square One, this is a busy commercial center, focusing on many major fashion brands. White Flower Factory stands out with its modern design, the tables, chairs, vases are all exquisitely decorated, giving a luxurious feel when arriving. The shop also uses natural light to create a sense of spacious and airy space.
The space of the bar is minimalist. Photo: Fb White Flower Factory Official
The menu includes all the main courses for lunch, dinner, and even cakes. All the dishes here are eye-catching, very attractive to the view with the main dishes including seafood noodles, salmon, beef, ... with prices from 100,000 to 150,000 VND. In addition, it also serves soups and salads very nutritious, only priced from 84,000 - 100,000 VND.
The main dishes of the restaurant are very nutritious and beautifully decorated. Photo: Fb White Flower Official
White Flower Factory not only serves the main dish for lunch or dinner but is also quite famous for the ecstatic delicious "collection" of pastries. The two best seller cakes at the shop are Thai tea Crepe and Coconut cake. White Flower Factory's cakes are not too sweet, not greasy, especially here the aroma of tea and citrus are very natural. A piece of cake here costs from 80,000 VND.
Thai Tea Crepe Cake and Coconut Cake. Photo: @vounin
Do not forget to try the addictive coffee or genuine Thai Milk Tea that makes you addicted from the first dip. Traveling to Thailand if you want to find an address to check-in, the White Flower Factory will also be an ideal virtual living place for you.

Mango Tango

Mango Tango sweets shop is located on Soi 3 Siam Square, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok, Thailand. You will easily find the store due to Mr. Mango symbol statue for shop is huge located in front of it. This is a paradise for those who love mango-based desserts.
Mango Tango, Bangkok, Thailand. Photo: baomoi.com
There are all kinds of mango dishes such as mango sticky rice, mango ice cream, pudding, mango smoothie ... The most popular and favorited meal in Mango Tango is a mixed mango dish including mango pudding, fresh mango, cream and mango sticky rice. Mango sticky rice is very eye-catching decoration, with flexible sticky rice, firm mango, fragrant, softly sweet. It comes with a light mango ice cream and cool pudding. The food at Mango Tango is priced from 55 to 160 baht (nearly 40,000 VND to 110,000 VND), beautifully presented and characteristic sweet-smelling mango flavor.
Mango Tango's best seller. Photo: eatandtreats
Coming to Mango Tango, you can also find many delicious, rich dishes priced from 70-95 bath (50,000 - 70,000 VND) for drinks, 85-185 bath (60,000 - 130,000 VND) for other dishes like sour milk, smoothie, pancakes, juice, mango tea ...
All Mango Tango dishes are made from mangoes. Photo: pinterest.com
However, many customers said the price here is a bit high compared to similar dining places. In addition, the staff is quite "strange". If you want to sit and eat in a restaurant, each person must order at least one dish (three people are not allowed to order one) and if you buy for takeaway, the amount is up to you. The shop also does not provide wet tissues.

Petite Audrey Cafe & Bistro

This sweet shop is located on the 4th floor of Siam Center, Bangkok, Thailand, which will make you overwhelmed by the French romantic space, with white tones as the main theme creating a very luxurious feeling. This is the perfect place to rest, relax and enjoy tea cakes on the journey to discover Thai cuisine.
Extremely cute sweet shop. Photo: klook.com
The famous cake here is Thai Tea Crepe, if you are a fan of famous Thai tea, do not forget to enjoy this cake with 125 bath (about 90000 VND). A large piece of cake with a soft layer, dense cream sauce, sweet and moderate, absorbed into each layer of cake. Enjoying cakes and tea will help you feel the delicacy of this dish.
Thai Tea Crepe Cake. Photo: pinterest.com
Caramel Sizzling Roti. Photo: @enfoodgallery
The second dish you should try at Petite Audrey Cafe & Bistro is Caramel Sizzling Roti priced at 165 bath (about 120,000 VND) - a special hot pan dessert. Chocolate melted together with hot marshmallow balls, delicious caramel sauce, and cool vanilla ice cream create a surprisingly harmonious dish, very suitable for sweet lovers.

If you travel in Siam Bangkok, Thailand, besides shopping at major commercial centers, you should not miss these 3 sweets shops in Thailand.

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