3 taboos to avoid when sleeping in a hotel

These "accidents" while sleeping at a hotel can ruin the whole trip.

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Of course, when traveling, going out, relaxing, everyone wants to relax and have fun, especially when they have to pay hotel and travel expenses to enjoy the best services. That's why most of us when traveling have the "chill" mentality to the fullest. But, despite that desire, there are rules that travelers should remember to avoid falling into an awkward situation.

1. Do not sleep naked

Sleeping naked is a habit of many people, but going to a hotel is not recommended. According to Ben MacFarlane, doctor, and author of the Holiday SOS book, one of the most taboo things about traveling is sleeping naked: “There is nothing worse than when you wake up at 2 o'clock by the fire alarm and have to run out as soon as possible. Imagine, at that time you completely naked cloth and took too much time to find, wear clothes. The best clothes to wear to sleep are shorts and a T-shirt, which will help you sleep better.

2. Do not bring the magnetic card/room key holder/room key when going out

The reason is to ensure the safety of your furniture. In the event that a visitor drops, forgets or is stolen a magnetic card/room key holder/room key when traveling, the bad guy can know the room number and hotel address to break in.

3. Pay attention to the number of pillows and alarm clocks

Hotels always provide more than 4 pillows in bed for guests to use in convenient, they help adjust the sleeping positions to sleep better. However, you can completely remove the pillow to fit the needs. Also pay attention to getting enough sleep, setting the alarm clock too early can disrupt sleep and ruin the mood of that day, especially in 1 day to experience and explore outside.

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