4 homestay have glass rooms with views of romantic mountains in Da Lat

For travelers who are familiar with Dalat, who want to have new experiences here, homestay with mountain view glass rooms will be an interesting and memorable experience.

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The Kupid - Dalat no single Homestay: Homestay is located in the middle of Thong Kim Hill, 1.5 km from Dalat Intercity Bus Station. This is a separate villa so the space is quite quiet and fresh air. The accommodation consists of 2 floors, each floor has 5 rooms for rent and a bathroom. Photo: Beryy.ng, Bonie.huynh, _Trinhchu, Qynlittllegirl.
Homestay attracts visitors with rooms made entirely of transparent glass. A special feature here gives visitors is the experience of bathing in a Japanese-style wooden tub to relax and watch the peaceful scenery through the glass window. However, this is a shared area so it is quite inconvenient for many visitors. Price: 350,000-700,000 VND / room / night. Photo: Cindyfan29, _Tiephan, Lenguyenthuynhi, N.nguyennnnn.
LengKeng Da Lat Homestay: Looking from afar, LengKeng falls between the pines of the dreamy Da Lat mountains. Inside, the homestay has many types of single, double and dorm rooms designed as a modern, spacious and comfortable family. Photo: Lengkengdalat, Pngthuonghoai, I.am.hoan.
With the criteria of modern, beautiful, romantic, tourism homestay meets quite the needs of travelers with glass view rooms, wide-angle or private, separate space. This place is one of the ideal virtual living space that many young people like. Price: 600,000 VND / room / night. Photo: Lengkeng Da Lat Homestay.
The Seen House: The Seen House is a romantic glass-room homestay with a view over the romantic Tuyen Lam lake. Homestay is designed in a minimalist style, the interior is made from wood with characteristic light brown. When staying here, visitors only need to pull the curtains to open the view to Tuyen Lam Lake to enjoy the scenery of the clouds, leisurely and peaceful on sunny days. Photo: Yuyubohiee, Anhylle, Myha_ng, Elyzu1903.
The Seen House has a total of 5 separate bedrooms and 2 large family rooms. Because the room is quite small, visitors need to book in advance to avoid all rooms. In addition, the homestay here is not air-conditioned so the afternoon in the room is quite hot. Price: 500,000 - 1.1 million VND / room / night. Photo: _Htrann, Ntnh_ixx, Thang_luu91, Byn.hien.
J’adore Homestay: J’adobe Homestay brings visitors a new experience with a glass room overlooking the vast and cool garden. The rooms here are designed with wide glass doors to catch all the light and cool breeze of Dalat. Photo: J’adobe Homestay.
This homestay is like an ancient and romantic castle in the middle of Dalat. The large and small rooms are built alternately, the main color is white, light blue which creates an airy and gentle space. Price: 550,000-770,000 VND / room / night. Photo: J’adobe Homestay.

4 homestay have glass rooms with views of romantic mountains in Da Lat 4 homestay have glass rooms with views of romantic mountains in Da Lat Reviewed by Duy Khiêm on October 28, 2019 Rating: 5

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