5 desserts to try in Australia

Anzac biscuits or Lamington cookies are the dishes that tourists should enjoy in kangaroo country.

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Not only has the beautiful natural scenery, but this country also attracts visitors by the rich food. Here are the types of dessert cakes you should try when coming to Australia.

Anzac biscuits

This dish is popular in both Australia and New Zealand. The cake is made from flour, oats, brown sugar syrup and coir. By law, both countries can use the name Anzac for biscuits. The formula is strictly protected by law, not allowed to be different from the original material.
Biscuits have been associated with the militaries of the two countries since World War I. Photo: Flickr / Tristan Ferne.

Caramel Cake

The recipe of the caramel cake consists of a buttercream cracker, which can be purchased at stores across the country. There are many theories that this dish originated from Scotland, but it has been in the Australian cookbook since 1970. With a thick layer of cookies, caramel and chocolate, the cake will taste better when eaten cold.

Vovo cold cake

Created by Australia's famous Timtam cake business, Vovo is made from sweet butter, topped with raspberry jam, pink iced cream, thin coconut. Since 1906, cakes have been preferred by Australians for parties, afternoon tea and for family use.

Fairy bread 

This bread is popular in the kangaroos country for birthday parties or picnics. Pastries are not only special in color but also in flavor. Cake is spread with butter on the surface and sprinkled on colored nuggets to create eye-catching colors and taste.
Children across Australia also love making this cake. Photo: Envato.

Lamington Cream Cake

Considered the symbolic cake of Australia, Lamington has a celebration on June 21. The cake was created in the early 20th century. The recipe of the cake is a layer of chocolate covered with coconut on the outside, inside the cake is a layer of soft cream. You can eat with ice cream and jam, to feel the soft, sweetness of Lamington.

In addition to the typical desserts, you should also try other famous pastries when traveling Australia such as timtam, jelly and Golden Gaytime ice cream.

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