Tuesday, October 22, 2019

5 gold inlaid dishes for the upper class in Dubai

Cappuccino covered with gold or gold mixed cocktail is expensive dishes that are loved by the rich in Dubai.

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Gold covered cupcake

The ingredients for making cakes are imported directly from England, Italy ... You will feel the vanilla, butter and chocolate flavors when enjoying. The highlight of the cake sold for $ 28,000 is the gold coating. The cake is sold in Bloomsbury's restaurant in Dubai. You must book 2 days in advance if you want to try it. Photo: Blooomsbury's.

Candy covered with gold

Chocolate-filled candies covered in gold on the crust, sold in small bags for more than $ 10,000. Many giants in Dubai often choose to buy this as a gift. Sweets are also sold at a restaurant in downtown Dubai. Photo: Blooomsbury's.

Black diamond cream

You can find this expensive ice cream at a cafe in the city center. The dish called "Black Diamond", sold for more than 800 USD. Ingredients for making ice cream are imported from many countries, such as black truffle mushrooms from Italy, vanilla beans from Madagascar, saffron imported from Iran. The indispensable ingredient is 23k gold foil. After enjoying, guests can take home cup for souvenir. Photo: Scoopi Cafe.

Cappuccino covered with gold

Gold On 27 is a famous Dubai bar, located on the 27th floor of Burj Al Arab Hotel with thousands of square meters decorated entirely of 24k gold leaf. Visitors here have the opportunity to enjoy "The Ultimate Gold Cappuccino", covered with 24k gold dust. This gold mainly comes from Italy and India, in the form of leaves, ears or dust.

This expensive drink is also served with soft, fine marshmallow candies, chocolate flavor. Guests who want to try this luxury coffee must book a day in advance. Photo: Burj Al Arab.

Golden mixed cocktail 

Element 79 is the name of the famous cocktail with its golden content. This drink includes non-alcoholic sparkling wines, pure food coloring and a piece of brown sugar.

The cocktail was created to introduce to international guests the history and vision of Dubai. For the people of Dubai, gold is like a string to help them tell stories because it is associated with the history of the city and the United Arab Emirates in general. Photo: CNN.

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