Sunday, October 20, 2019

5 roller coasters make guests out of heart

The SheiKra high-speed train suddenly stopped, forcing visitors to look down, at which point the screams began.

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Yukon Striker

Yukon Striker is located in Wonderland Park, Ontario, Canada, opening in 2019. The highest point that the train goes to is 68 m, the length of the drop slope reaches 75 m and the rotation angle of 90 degrees, go straight into the underwater tunnel. . Maximum train speed is 129 km / h. The entire journey length is 1,105 m. Photo: Canada Wonderland.

This roller coaster is like a drop of water, falling straight from the air through an underground tunnel surrounded by water. There is even another roller coaster at the bottom around the tunnel called Vortex. This journey offers a unique perspective on the subterranean landscape during its releasing process.


Wildfire is the wooden roller coaster. The reversal of the train makes all passengers turn their heads downwards which is the most memorable point of this trip. Photo: Alljoh / Shutterstock.

The train opened in 2016 at Kolmården Wildlife Park, Sweden with the highest point being 57 m while the length of the drop slope is 49 m. The maximum speed of the train is 115 km / h, the total length of the journey is 1,265 m.

When traveling on Wildfire, you will admire the surrounding forest space. "Very nice, very fast and intense" is what to say about this train.


This train is located in Fuji-Q Highland amusement park, Fujiyoshida city, Japan, inaugurated in 2011. The highest point of the train is 43 m, the length of the drop slope is 43 m and the maximum speed reaches 100 km / h. The entire journey length is 1,004 m. A special feature of the train is that you can see Mount Fuji on the beautiful days. Photo: Alongkorn Naranong / Shutterstock.

Takabisha's interesting point is not at the beginning of the fall but in the middle of the falling point. It not only fell vertically but also glided at a 121-degree angle. You will feel like you are pushed out of a chair.


Built on the coast of Florida, USA, this roller coaster has been open to visitors since 2005. The highest point of the train is 61 m, the length of the drop slope is 46 m, inclined 90 degrees. The maximum speed is 113 km / h. Photo: Eugene Buchko / Shutterstock.
The seats are well ventilated, no floor makes visitors' feet hovering in midair. Once you climb on this bullet train, it will slowly and suddenly stop for a few seconds forcing passengers to look straight down. That's when you hear the players start screaming. After that, the brakes are released and the train descends through the trees. Photo: Viaval / Shutterstock.

Millennium Force

The train is located in Cedar Point Park, which was dubbed the "capital of the world roller coaster", Ohio, USA. This amusement spot opened in 2000, the highest point of the train reached 95 m, the length of the slope was 91 m with an angle of 80 degrees. The maximum speed is 150 km / h. The entire journey length is 2,010 m. Photo: Theme Park Review.
Many tourists say they can see Canada on the other side of Erie Lake from the highest slope of the roller coaster. The most interesting part is the falling point close to the lake. When the train dives, you will feel like you are plunging into the water. Photo: Theme Park Review.

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