5 statues guests like to touch the sensitive part

Many visitors believe that rubbing certain parts on special statues can help them get lucky, or have good news soon.

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Crazy Girls, Las Vegas (USA)

The "City of Sin" has a wall of hot bronze girls embracing on each other's waist, turned away from the public to show off the third round - where visitors often touch to get lucky before entering the casino.

The work, called Crazy Girls, reserved for the Riviera casino hotel for 28 years, but it closed in 2015. Since then, the statue has been moved to Planet Hollywood casino hotel. In fact, Crazy Girls is also the name of a striptease show at the Sin City theater of the hotel, receiving only guests over 18 years old, with fares around 54 - 98 USD. Photo: Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Victor Noir, Paris (France)

Victor Noir was a French political journalist during Napoleon Bonaparte III (1852-1870). He was shot dead by Prince Pierre Bonaparte. Noir's funeral had more than 100,000 people attending.

A black bronze statue was later erected on Noir's grave in the Pere Lachaise cemetery. Over time, the oxidized copper turns green, but the lips, chin, nose and "precious" remain shiny due to the frequent touch of the hands. Women flocked here to rub on these parts, hoping to have good news soon. They will leave flowers to express their gratitude to the deceased. Photo: Jp Rosa / Flickr.

The Charging Bull, New York (USA)

The 3.2-ton bronze statue was first placed in New York in December 1989 during Christmas. When it was dismantled, city residents began to complain, so it was transferred to the financial district. Many people consider the cow a symbol of Wall Street prosperity and success. However, the artist who created it intentionally wanted to make it a symbol of America's strength and prosperity.

In addition to the large horns that are often touched by visitors when taking photos, the bull's penis is also of interest. Many people believe that they will be lucky to rub their hands there. Photo: Mark Woodward / New York Daily News.

The wife of King Xia Yu, Wuhan (China)

This statue is located in Hanyang district of Wuhan, the capital of Hebei province in central China. The work tells the legend that King Xia Yu met his wife again thanks to a nine-tailed fox for help. Xia Yu (2200 BC - 2100 BC) is a legendary king of ancient China, credited with the development of river water treatment techniques.

People and tourists daily passing here stopped to touch the left breast of the statue of Ha Vu's wife, making this part much more shiny. Photos of the statue circulating online have made the community in China curious. While many people think that touching this statue to get lucky is interesting, many people criticize it as an act of vulgar harassment. Photo: China Daily.

Molly Malone, Dublin (Ireland)

The statue of Molly Malone is located on Suffolk Street, near Trinity University and Grafton Street. What makes visitors curious is the sexy bust - this is also the brighter part of this bronze piece.

Molly Malone is a girl selling fish, not escaped from a cholera outbreak in Dublin. Although no one says touching the chest of the statue will bring good luck, visitors still can not stop doing this. In October 2018, the Marie Keating organization once attached a tumor to the chest of the Molly Malone statue to advertise the "Take Notice" campaign, to raise awareness about breast cancer. Photo: Robert Harding.

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