Tuesday, October 15, 2019

6 Korean delicacies to try before autumn ends

Referring to Korea in the fall, what will you think of? Red maple forest, golden almond trees, special autumn festivals ... Not only that, but autumn is also the time when cuisine comes to the throne with fruit trees, fresh seasonal food. The fall over, the delicacy also turn tasteless. If you are traveling to South Korea this season, please take advantage of 6 delicious dishes below.

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1. Korean pear

6 Korean delicacies to try before autumn ends
Korean pear has a different shape from Vietnamese pears. The fruit is large and round like an apple, light brown skin, not yellow like Vietnam. The inside is juicy, crispy and sweet but has a slightly sour aftertaste. Autumn is considered to be the sweetest pear time, suitable for dessert.

2. Roasted sweet potatoes

6 Korean delicacies to try before autumn ends
In the fall, you will see more baked sweet potato carts on the streets of Korea. Korean sweet potatoes have many types, yellow and sweet. When baked, potatoes radiate a pervading sweet fragrance. Just stop in front of a trolley, buy a pack of baked sweet potatoes, then walk and eat. In addition to baked sweet potatoes, you can try a few other snacks that are also made from sweet potatoes such as sugar potato, fried potato.

3. Chestnuts

6 Korean delicacies to try before autumn ends
Korean Fall is not just a season to pick up falling leaves but also to pick up… chestnuts. On the weekends, you will see a few groups of friends wearing work gloves and tongs, bringing each other to the forest to collect chestnuts. At this time, the forests have fallen full of chestnuts, bringing a very special aroma. The harvested chestnuts will be marketed. Every time you go to the night market, you will smell the aromatic, greasy scent of grilled chestnuts. This is a delicious Korean dish in the fall that you have to eat once.

4. Soy sauce soaked raw crab dish  - Ganjang Gejang

6 Korean delicacies to try before autumn ends
Blue crabs are a specialty of Kimchi land. Crabs are not only delicious but also contain many nutrients. Especially crab shell contains calcium,  amino acids and vitamins abundant meat necessary for the body. The male blue crab is soft and firm when the weather is in the autumn. Blue crabs are processed into many dishes, the most famous of which is Ganjang Gejang - raw crab soaked in soy sauce. The taste is delicious but not everyone dares to eat it because it is made of raw crab. If you are used to eating Japanese sashimi, this raw crab dish will certainly not make you difficult. And according to many Koreans who eat Ganjang Gejang, once eaten, it becomes addicted because the delicious taste is especially difficult to mistake.

5. Dried persimmons

6 Korean delicacies to try before autumn ends
The ripe persimmon season in Kimchi land usually starts from the beginning of September to the end of November, that is, the season of falling yellow leaves. Compared to Vietnamese persimmons, Korean persimmons have a round, slightly squatting and plump appearance. The weather is cool and fresh, sitting next to friends and relatives, biting on a piece of dried persimmon and a cup of hot tea, listening to the mild sweetness spreading in the mouth. Any more memorable travel moments? And don't forget to buy this delicious Korean food as a gift.

6. Fish ball soup - Odeng Soup

6 Korean delicacies to try before autumn ends
In the early autumn, the hot fish ball soup will warm your stomach. This is great street food for travelers because it meets three factors: delicious, cheap and plenty. Like baked sweet potatoes, you will easily find trolleys selling fish ball soup on Korean streets. Besides fish ball soup, you should try more delicious fish ball sticks.

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