Tuesday, October 22, 2019

6 reasons to at least once catch the fall in South Korea

Korea is the dream destination of many believers who love traveling. Autumn is the best time to enjoy the poetic, romantic natural scenery in this country.

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Korea welcomes visitors all year round, from spring to winter. However, autumn is a time that brings more emotions. At this time, the land of kimchi put on gorgeous and colorful wings. You will have the opportunity to walk through the rows of bright red, orange-yellow leaves. The scenery at this time is more poetic and romantic than ever. Photo: Wallpapersrc.
Autumn in Korea starts in September and ends in November. The weather here is considered to be the most pleasant time of the year with an average temperature of 11-19 degrees C. It is not dry, uncomfortable, the climate is always cool and pleasant. During the day, you will be welcomed warm sunshine in the windy space. At night, the temperature often drops, visitors can enjoy chestnuts, hot sweet potatoes in the weather of 10 degrees C. Photo: Amino Apps, Onethreeonefour.
Not only beautiful scenery, ideal weather, this is also the time to give visitors the opportunity to sample seasonal specialties. In particular, dried persimmons, roasted chestnuts, pears, marinated live soy sauce ... are famous dishes, popular in Korea when autumn comes. Photo: HaB Korea.
The special autumn festivals in Korea is a destination for visitors to understand more about the culture and traditions rich in national identity. You can participate in Geumsan ginseng festival (which takes place from late September to October), street food festival in Jeonju city (October), Busan fireworks festival (late October) ... Photos : Matador Network.
If you are a fan of photography, you should not miss the autumn Korea trip. Come here, you can try wearing Hanbok, traditional Korean costumes, live virtual in the Gyeongbokgung Royal Palace filled with gold leaves in Seoul. Nami Island, the set in the famous Winter Sonata, the silver grass fields on Bukhansan Mountain ... are also popular fall check-in points in Korea. Photo: Ngocanhcrystal, Zaglaifilms.
Korea is a country famous for cosmetic and fashion products. Autumn is the time when clothes and cosmetics shops here have many big discount activities. If traveling to Korea, you will have the opportunity to unleash finding genuine goods at cheap prices. Apgujeongdong Street, Coex Mall, the shopping center in Gangnam district ... are famous places, many tourists choose to visit. Photo: Bbeau, Leejisoo.ok.

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