Saturday, October 19, 2019

6 tips to stay healthy for a long trip

You should get enough sleep and maintain some morning kicks to make your body stronger.

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Long trips offer the opportunity to fully enjoy the area you love but also cause the body to lose a lot of energy due to constant movement. Remember the 6 principles below for you to get enough health to explore.

Always drink enough water

Move a lot, carry heavy luggage, hot weather, many motor experiences ... causing the body to become dehydrated quickly. It is also part of the reason that makes you tired when traveling. Always bring a personal water bottle with you and provide enough 1.5-2 liters of water a day to keep the best condition. Bringing a personal water bottle will quickly solve the need for drinking water in all places where you can hardly find a convenience store while helping to ensure hygiene.

In particular, stay away from alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft drinks, drinks that contain lots of sugar and caffeine. These drinks not only dehydrate but also disrupt sleep, making it difficult for you to rest.

Do not skip meals

Always eat enough meals, especially do not skip breakfast when you travel. If the schedule is busy, you can prepare your own simple breakfast by buying packaged products, juice, fresh milk ... from the previous night. Breakfast provides energy for a half-day of activity, so never go hungry exploring your favorite city. Diets of other meals during the day should also be prioritized for fiber and vitamins. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits to contribute to rehydration, increase resistance to the body.

Using the principle Hara Hachi Bu

Famous Japanese rule that you should stop at 80%. In eating, you should not eat until it is full but only 80% is enough. Overeating can cause fatigue, drowsiness, and inactivity; Besides these are the effects on the digestive system.
6 tips to stay healthy for a long trip
The Japanese follow the Hara Hachi Bu principle that never eats 100% full. Photo: Istock.
When traveling, you can break down your meals throughout the day, eating multiple times with a moderate amount of food at a time. This way you will not encounter the phenomenon of "stretching the skin, sagging skin" when eating too full.

Hara Hachi Bu is also needed in arranging a schedule for a day trip. You should stop when you feel you've used 80% of your strength, being too greedy sometimes makes your next day more tired.

Get enough sleep

If you have a habit of using social networks until late at night, you should temporarily give up on your travels. Sleep is a powerful and irreplaceable way to regain energy. So enlist to bed a little earlier than usual instead of engrossed with smartphones. Festivals, parties, evening friends ... should also end before 11pm if you do not want to miss the next visit.

Protect the skin

Bring sunscreen and use it for the entire journey, whether you are male or female. Prolonged exposure to the sun without protection can affect the skin and cause dehydration and fatigue. Use a sunscreen with the lowest SPF of 15 and apply a new layer every 2 hours for better skin protection.

Exercise every morning

Some morning kicks make your body feel more alert and healthier for the long day of playing. You can perform simple movements such as pushing, standing up-down, yoga, jumping ... right in the hotel room. Or simply stretch the body parts such as neck, arms, legs, shoulders, back ... to better circulate blood and gently massage the muscles.

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