7 bad habits you need to avoid when traveling

Carrying too many things makes you tired or booking tickets at the last minute makes you more expensive.

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Spend too much time on the phone

A study by the University of Derby (UK) has shown that, on average, an English person spends 3.6 hours a day looking at the phone screen. Many people when traveling are tempted by the desire to post sparkling pictures on social networks. However, it's best to put your phone down and enjoy the travel.
Instead of staring at your phone, you can chat with people around you. Photo: Deschide.

Booking ticket at the last minute

Many people have at least once regretted this in their lives. You might think waiting is a good way to get promotions. But the fact is that the more you wait, the fewer choices there will be. You should buy tickets in advance to make sure your flight, accommodation, and tours are booked in advance and without any hassle.

Not getting along with the locals

Many tourists often just "stick" with their tourist group without connecting with the locals. Why not start a conversation with a native when you're sightseeing? This is a great opportunity to make friends and experience a new culture.
Many people report that items are taken away with sometimes they don't use it all. Photo: MSN.

Bring too many things

Are you a frequent baggage carrier? If so, you're probably familiar with baggage check-in problems, or bags that can't be closed. To avoid these awkward situations in the future, you should choose the essential items and use a suitcase, backpack with the size appropriate for your trip.

Barefoot in a car or train

An Expedia study revealed that 90% of survey participants from around the world thought this was absolutely not recommended. The results are not surprising because no one wants to see the toes of a stranger right next to, or behind the armrest.
Many places on ships, cars, and planes also contain bacteria. Photo: Todayshow.

Encroach on someone else's armrest

How to use handrails with aircraft seats is still a controversial issue. Some people believe that the middle seat should have two hand rests on the sides, so that people outside can easily stand up and people sitting near the window can see the scenery. Some people think that the hand resting area will be shared. Many people find that the handrest is really just for dividing the seat. This is subject to personal opinion and will be debated.

Encroaching row

Invading or not lining up and pretending that you don't know where to line up must be on this list.

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