7 bustling night markets in Bangkok you should visit

Those who love shopping will certainly not be able to miss the bustling night markets in Bangkok such as Chatuchak, Khao San, Asiatique ... when traveling to Thailand.

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Dubbed a shopping paradise, Bangkok is not only the busiest shopping malls in Asia but also the famous night markets, where you will find lots of interesting items at very reasonable prices.


Chatuchak is one of Bangkok's most famous markets. This market only operates on Saturdays and Sundays, so it is often called the weekend market. The market has more than 15,000 stalls selling all kinds of items, from fashion to pets. Not only tourists but also Thais flock here to buy and resell at local stores. One note for you is that if you like something, negotiate and buy right away because the market is very crowded and bustling, so you will most likely not be able to find the exact location of the store you have gone through.
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- Location: Phaholyothin Road, downtown of Bangkok.
- Operating hours: Friday: from 6pm - 0pm; Saturday and Sunday: 9am - 6pm
- Getting there: Take the skytrain to Mo Chit or MRT station to Chatuchak Park, then walk to the market from there.

Rod Fai

This is a night market with classic colors and street art, so in addition to shopping, eating, this is also an ideal photo spot. Rod Fai Market not only sells casual items like apparel but also offers a wide variety of old, vintage souvenirs. The market consists of 3 main areas: Market Zone, Warehouse Zone, and Rod’s Antiques. You can find almost everything here.
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- Address: Prawet District, Southeast of Bangkok
- Operating hours: 14h - 0h Saturday and Sunday.

Asiatique the Riverfront

Asiatique the Riverfront Market is a cross between traditional and modern. This night market has more than 1,500 shops and 40 restaurants, food stalls full of items, dishes. Because Asiatique is divided into many different zones, each area will have a distinctive feature such as the area specializing in selling designer goods, the area specializing in the sale of vintage costumes, food service area ... Therefore, Asiatique is considered an exciting gathering place of many young people at night, becoming an interesting destination in Bangkok which is very popular with tourist followers.
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- Address: Next to the Chao Phraya River
- Opening hours: 17h - 0h.
- Transportation: Take skytrain from Saphan Taksin station, then walk to Thaksin BTS station, take a train about 15 minutes to reach the market.

JJ Green

If you are a fan of the vibrant nightlife rather than the charm of the antique market, then visit JJ Green. Unlike other night markets in Bangkok, here you will find many old fashion items, accessories, ... and find many attractive dishes with cars, antique watches, phones, ... for sale in the back parking. At this point, you can bargain to buy products at preferential prices. The best thing here is a series of bars open until midnight on the weekends. You can stroll around shopping, then enjoy a beer, listen to some classic tunes.
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- Location: 1 Kamphaeng Phet 3, Chatuchak.
- Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday, 18h - 1h30.
- How to get to the market: From Mo Chit BTS station, you go to Gate 1 down the overpass and follow the car. Going for another 40 meters, turn right on Khamphaeng Phet Road, and at the end of the road cross the street, turn right and get there.

Silom - Patpong

During the day, Silom is merely a business district in Bangkok, but at night it becomes a center for tourists with shops on the sidewalk. Both Patpong and Silom - the two adjacent markets are open until morning. But each market has its own characteristics. Silom is famous for restaurants, eateries and many souvenir shops while Patpong is famous for hundreds of bars, pubs, karaoke, massage ... If you are looking for a cheap shopping address when traveling Bangkok, the Silom - Patpong night market is the most ideal place.
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- Address: From Dusit Thani Road to Charoen krung Road.
- Operating hours: 18h - 1am, from Tuesday to Sunday.
- Directions: Take the skytrain to Sala Daeng station and get off at the middle of the road, then walk into the market.


Ratchadapisek is the most unique and mysterious night market in Bangkok. Only operating on Friday and Saturday nights, there are long lines of shops selling goods, especially cheap second-hand goods. You can find unique, rare and fancy antiques such as old cameras, files, dial phones, auto parts, old bikes, until the first edition of the famous book Thailand ... when visiting this market. However, it must be very smart to buy antiques, if you do not have experience you will buy fake goods.
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- Operating hours: Every Friday and Saturday nights
- Directions: Take MRT to Ratchadapisek station. Go to gate 2, turn left and walk for a few minutes to reach the market.

Khao San

Famous and the most crowded and busiest market in Bangkok, this place concentrates the most backpackers. Here, visitors not only find interesting items such as pull shirts or other souvenirs and delicious unique dishes. Especially also enjoy the fascinating music performances, lively from the bars on the road.
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- Address: Khao San Road, downtown Bangkok.
- Operating hours: 6pm - 0am.
- Directions for travel: Take a taxi.

If you have the opportunity to travel to the country of the golden temple, do not forget to "throw" into the bustling night markets in Bangkok, buy a few items and enjoy the delicacies at the market.

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