7 lands to change beautiful autumn clothes like fairy land

When nature transformed into a multicolored kaleidoscope, the spectacular autumn around the world really started with the wonders of wonderland.

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Stretching along the arc throughout Central and Eastern Europe, the Carpathian mountain also began to turn gorgeous colors. In it, in the center of the southern mountains, Bran castle of Count Dracula in Romania, is a destination captivating by the charming autumn scenery. Prince Charles of England loved these peaks so much that he bought a house here.
Stretching over 160 km, Schwarzwald, also known as the Black Forest, where the Grimms fairy tale appears in real life, also turned itself into autumn in southern Germany. October is the green time of fir trees trying to cope with the gorgeous from their neighbors. A morning walk in the middle of the mist, enjoying a famous piece of chocolate and cherry cake amidst the beautiful scenery is an unforgettable experience for you.
In harmony with the fall of the world, central Italy wore a striking orange-red shirt. If you plan to travel to this land, Casentino Forest National Park in Tuscany is a destination for you to flee from the tourist crowd, immersed in the peaceful scenery. Crossing the path between Europe's largest forests, going to Monte Penna in Northern Italy to see the colorful canopy will also be a memorable memory for visitors.
The autumn of the Douro region of northern Portugal, famous for its wineries, appears golden as honey and the picturesque winding river. In the mild weather, cycling around is a great way to enjoy an enjoyable stay here. You can visit remote villages, wineries, vineyards, olive groves.
The southeastern United States began blooming with the scene of about 100 indigenous tree species in the Great Smoky Mountain along the border of Tennessee, North Carolina. Coming here, you will experience walking on the romantic road, listening to the rustle of leaves at your feet and enjoying the peaceful and quiet space.
Not only attracts visitors by the snowy winter, Finland in autumn also has great attraction. Also known as ruska by the indigenous people, the fall here features a birch forest that changes color from silver to gold and bright red lingon berries. Amid the vast sky and dazzling scenery, the aurora hunting experience promises to bring unforgettable memories to visitors.
Dean Forest in Gloucestershire is one of Britain's leading romantic autumn spots. This 110 km2 stretch forest will change its color, creating an ideal virtual backdrop for visitors. Wye Valley in Wales, where the fifth largest river of England is also famous in autumn. Coming here, visitors can follow the river, walk along the path full of yellow leaves and visit the oldest remaining palace of the misty country among the brilliant forests.

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