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8 little-known things about the land of birch

8 little-known things about the land of birch
The Russian town of Oymyakon is the coldest place on the planet and the country pays cats to keep an eye on the museum.

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Spread over 17,098,242 km2 across both Europe and Asia, Russia is the largest country in the world. With an area 1.8 times larger than the United States, the country shares a land border with 14 different countries and has 9 time zones.
8 little-known things about the land of birch
77% of Russia's area is located in Asia: Photo: Bunkyo.
Oymyakon town, Russia is the coldest place in the world. The lowest temperature recorded here was minus 67.7 degrees Celsius in the winter of 1933. Everything in Oymyakon from pipes, clothes to cars engines can freeze quickly.

Birch is the most popular tree on the territory of Russia, associated with the goddesses Slav Lada and Lelya, representing energy, fertility and purity. For centuries, birch made objects were often used for ceremonies and anniversaries. For example, families often leave birch brooms outside to protect newborn babies from dark spirits and illness.

St Peterburg is a city famous for the white night phenomenon, which lasts from late May to mid-July. At this time, the sun never sets completely and the sky remains bright throughout the night. When "the city doesn't sleep", festivals are also held. Including star festivals, jazz festivals. The most unique is the scarlet sail festival, usually taking place in late June with fireworks performances, yacht shows and light shows.
8 little-known things about the land of birch
Firework display during the crimson sail festival of 2017. Photo: Shutterstock / Yulia Terekhina.
Russia has the longest railway in the world, known as the great Siberian road. The railway stretches 9,289 km across 8 time zones, from Moscow to Vladivostok, near the Chinese border. It will take about a week to complete this route.

Russia also welcomes the New Year twice. Traditional New Year is held on January 14, equivalent to January 1 in the Julian calendar. On this day, people often spend time with family. New Year's Day is celebrated on December 31 and January 1 every year. To celebrate the New Year, most families will have a late dinner of salads, herring and bubble wine.

The Hermitage Museum is a national treasure in Russia and the cats here are considered as security guards. They will make sure the priceless artwork is safe from rat disturbance. Each of them has a personal passport, photo and salary.
8 little-known things about the land of birch
Vaska cat, a guard at the Heritage Museum. Photo: Daily Telegraph Au.
On the outskirts of Moscow, there is a sport called helicopter golf. Similar to the rules of traditional golf, players will hit the balls into the holes. However, the ball had a diameter of up to one meter, a golf club weighing 10 kg and the player controlling a helicopter.

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