A man traveling across the Atlantic Ocean by car floating on water

Marco Amoretti and his friend crossed the Atlantic by car in 1999. They completed the trip to realize Amoretti's seemingly absurd dream.

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In 1999, Marco Amoretti and his friend Marco De Candia made a "crazy" trip across the Atlantic in a floating car. They were at sea for 119 days, with a total length of about 5,000 km. "I don't have a boat but I still like to sail," Amoretti said of the trip. "Just kidding, Dad inspired me to start this journey."
Amoretti's father, Giorgio, is a prominent "backpacker". He used to fly parachute through the Sahara desert and used a floating car to go from Geneve (Switzerland) to Calais (France). The idea of crossing the Atlantic has been burning in Mr. Giorgio for a long time. However, sudden cancer in 1999 forced Giorgio to spend the rest of time on treatment.
His wishes were inherited by his son Marco Amoretti. 3 Amoretti brothers and Marco De Candia "set sail" on 4/5/1999. They depart from the Canary Islands (Spain) and plan to conquer the Atlantic. They used a broken Volkswagen Passat and a Ford Taunus filled with polyurethane as a means of transportation.
"Making a boat by car is quite simple," Amoretti said. "It is important to create a watertight cabin. By preventing water from entering, the air can remain inside. Therefore, the car can float."
The number of "Atlantic backpacking" members soon halved because the two brothers of Amoretti were seriously seasick. They were forced to return home for treatment. However, Amoretti and Marco De Candia continue the journey to realize his father's dream.
Those who dare to set sail must always be ready to face the waves. Amoretti and her friend met many storms many times, seemingly dying at sea. However, in a way, they still pass to continue floating at sea with the guitar as a friend. "It was a strange experience. Surrounded by a blue color, the sun was scorching and the air was thick with the salty taste of the sea," he answered.
The couple use satellite phones to communicate with their families. However, the phone encountered a problem that caused them to lose contact with the mainland for about 42 days. When the phone was repaired, Amoretti called home and asked about his father's health. However, he only received the evasion from relatives. Before coming to Martinique (France), Amoretti discovered that Giorgio had passed away. They did not want to report for fear of affecting his spirit.
Both, especially Amoretti, have overcome the shock together to continue the unfinished journey. They completed the trip on August 31, 1999 when they arrived at the Antilles. Amoretti and Marco De Candia became the first two men to cross the Atlantic together in a floating car. "I am proud to show the world that my father's dream was not a myth," Amoretti said.

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